Updates on potential recovery time for Jalen Hurts following surgery

Jalen Hurts #1, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Jalen Hurts #1, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

Depending on who you discuss this with, the evaluation of Jalen Hurts varies in terms of what’s being analyzed and what the expectations are for him presently and in the future. Some believe that the Philadelphia Eagles should invest more into his development, that patience is the key here. Others would just as soon mortgage the future and, at minimum, a couple of those first-round draft choices to land someone the caliber of Aaron Rodgers or Russell Wilson.

That debate won’t calm any as we near free agency and the next NFL Draft. That’s the deal and what someone signs up for when they agree to play the quarterback position in the NFL. Playing in a market/city that’s as demanding as the one we know of in the City of Brotherly Love doesn’t help quell any of that.

Then, there’s the component of the perceived interest, regardless of what they’re saying, that the Eagles’ brass seems to have in exploring other options at the position. For now, Jalen Hurts is the guy, and all eyes are on, not only him but also the most talked-about ankle in Philadelphia. On Wednesday, February 2nd the Eagles’ QB1 underwent surgery to correct the issues he’s been having, and that means we now shift our attention to his recovery process.

Here’s what we know and a few guesses on Jalen Hurts’ recovery time.

First thing’s first. Though the Eagles’ 2021-2022 NFL season didn’t end in the matter that we hoped, it did exceed expectations, and Jalen Hurts is a huge reason for that being the case.

Think about it, had the Eagles given true effort in the regular-season finale versus the Dallas Cowboys, this is a team that could have won ten games. Who expected that at the beginning of the season (except for the guys in the locker room and their coaches of course)?

There are reasons to be excited about Hurts healing properly and being on the field sooner rather than later (we’re thinking mandatory minicamps). First off, no one’s described Hurts’ procedure as one that should force him to miss any time next season, so there’s that. 94 WIP-FM’s Howie Roseman added this to the conversation.

Here’s more of what we can take from this. In his report of Jalen Hurts’ decision to have surgery on Wednesday, NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero stated nothing that was cause for major concern.

We’ve seen Jalen Hurts play in a postseason game while dealing with the ankle issues. We know that, even earlier in the season, he was prepared to go in Week 13 and Week 18’s games if need be, and it was the organization’s decision to hold him out. It’s good that he’s had this surgery early. He’ll have the offseason, the free-agency period, and the draft season to heal.

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No one’s a doctor this way. No one is ceratin obviously, but we’re resigning ourselves to the theory that, if he wasn’t back by team minicamps to work out with his teammates, we’d be surprised.

Bookmark this one. If there are any major updates, those will be posted here. In the meantime, get well soon Mr. Hurts!