Sources close to Jason Kelce are banking on the Eagles legend returning

Jason Kelce (Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports)
Jason Kelce (Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports) /

The last time we saw Jason Kelce and the Philadelphia Eagles, a season that was full of unexpected highs and incredibly gut-wrenching lows was ending with a thud. The Birds flew south for the winter, found themselves in a playoff game versus the defending Super Bowl-Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and walked out of Raymond James Stadium the losers in what turned out to be a 31-15 pummeling (the score isn’t any indication of how bad things went on that day).

The last Eagle to walk off of the field was Jason Kelce. Questions were immediately asked about whether or not we’d seen him for the last time. It was a sad way to end a run that turned out to be better than expected. Knowing that, why is it that, on the eve of a Super Bowl the Eagles won’t be playing in, everyone is happy?

Well, there are two reasons actually. One of the Eagles’ own, a legend, Dick Vermeil, will finally take his place in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Another of Philly’s favorite sons, the aforementioned Jason Kelce, could be on his way to making an announcement that should make Birds fans very happy.

Signs are pointing to Jason Kelce returning for a 12th NFL season with the Eagles.

Thank Jeff McLane for this one. He got up early on a Saturday to share some good news. According to sources close Kelce, the four-time First-team All-Pro, five-team Pro Bowler, and Super Bowl Champion was leaning towards the most recent NFL season being his swan song, but according to sources who are close to one of the greatest and most popular Birds in team history, signs are pointing to Jason being back.

A subscription is needed to read McLane’s story, so we won’t share any quotes here. Let’s just say that a healthy run this past season, a good showing by his teammates, and the campaign ending on a high note (minus that playoff loss of course) has the Eagles legend feeling like coming back is well within the realm of possibility.

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Though they admit that they aren’t certain of what will transpire, there are people who are close to the legend that feel his 11th season, all of which have been in Eagles green, won’t get his last.

There have been no official statements from the Philadelphia Eagles. We’d have to see that to know his return is official, but for now, there are plenty of reasons to smile.

So, with that being said, how about we say what we’ve been wanting to belt out for a month? How about we run it back for a 12th NFL season? Yep! That has a nice ring to it.