Ranking every Eagles opponent on their 2022 NFL schedule

Dak Prescott #4, Ezekiel Elliott #21, Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
Dak Prescott #4, Ezekiel Elliott #21, Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images) /
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Philadelphia Eagles
Carson Wentz #2, Indianapolis Colts (Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images) /

. . . Indianapolis Colts. 5. team. 46

The Eagles get a game versus a Colts team that may not have Carson Wentz.

So, in the end, everyone who was glad Carson Wentz left was right. Do you see? All it takes is an ability to separate one’s emotions from an argument and look at people objectively without letting your personal feelings creep into your analysis.

Had you been able to do that, you would have known what the Indianapolis Colts found out in a single season. Wentz doesn’t have what it takes.

The Colts have some building blocks. They could be a factor, but when the Eagles travel to Lucas Oil Stadium in 2022, Carson Wentz probably won’t be with them.

4. team. 32. . . . Arizona Cardinals

There’s turmoil in Arizona with the Cardinals. How often do you hear that? Better yet, how often do you hear it and expect it to be one of the biggest stories of the offseason?

Kyler Murray isn’t happy. This team has a lot to work out, but regardless of what happens between now and next season, this will be one of the toughest teams that the Eagles face.

123. . . . Dallas Cowboys. 3. team

The Cowboys have inked some bad contracts, but they’ve drafted well. Currently, they’re the NFC East’s best team and a legitimate contender. If the Eagles want to return to contention, they’ll have to go through the so-called ‘America’s Team’ to get there.

Gosh… It really sucks to have to say that.