4 NFL Draft darlings Eagles must remove from their board immediately

Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit USA TODAY Sports images)
Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit USA TODAY Sports images) /
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DeVonta Smith, Philadelphia Eagles
DeVonta Smith, Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports) /

We have to erase some of the dots people are connecting to the Eagles.

Though they’re both beautiful games, the NFL is a totally different animal from what we enjoy at the NCAA level. Take what we’ve seen from one of the Philadelphia Eagles‘ bright young stars, DeVonta Smith, for instance.

During his final season/13 games with the Alabama Crimson Tide in 2020, it seems like he was running wide open in the opposing team’s secondary whenever he felt like doing so. 117 receptions, 1,856 receiving yards, and 23 trips to the end zone were the results of a Heisman Trophy-winning campaign, but DeVonta Smith learned something very quickly in the NFL.

If you’re going to play wide receiver at football’s highest level, the room for error diminishes, and it’s much more difficult to get open. Don’t sweat it Birds fans. The man formerly known as the Slim Reaper has a bright future ahead of him, but here’s what you need to know if you haven’t figured this out already.

Year-in and year-out, college football gives the NFL these microwavable stars. Program legends become draft darlings, but every once in a while, we need a reality check.

In college football, the teams with the most four and five-star athletes oftentimes dominate. At the professional level, talented prospects come a dime a dozen.

We know you’re excited about the upcoming NFL Draft, especially seeing as how the Eagles have three first-round picks, but we’ve perused the mock drafts and watched the podcasts. Some of you need to calm down a tad.

Here are four of the more sought-after prospects that are getting a ton of burn, but if you’re the Eagles and the loyal fans that follow them, you might want to pump the breaks just a tad.