4 NFL Draft darlings Eagles must remove from their board immediately

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. . . Andrew Booth Jr., cornerback. . player. 879

The pre-draft theories about Andrew Booth joining the Eagles will slow down.

Another name you’re certain to hear if you talk to people about dots they’re connecting between the Eagles and the next class of NFL rookies is the one belonging to Andrew Booth Jr. He’s a six-foot, 195-pound cornerback, formerly of the Clemson Tigers.

Sure he was a First-Team All-ACC nod in 2021. Sure, he’ll most certainly hear his name called at some point during the draft process, but despite what you see and hear and despite what you might read, don’t let anyone tell you that this is someone the Eagles should take in Round 1.

Trust us on this one. They’re a ton of people who are saying exactly that, and though we can’t put a ton of stock in mock drafts, we know people read them. Like the aforementioned Drake London, Booth has been a lot of people’s choice for the Birds sometime in Round 1, but here’s the thing. There’s no reason to believe he’ll go that high.

The top three cornerbacks in this year’s draft class might be Derek Stingley (LSU), Ahmad Gardner (Cincinnati), and Trent McDuffie (Washington) in that order.

Then, there’s the next tier. We can argue about how they rank, but we’re probably talking about Daxton Hill (Michigan), Roger McCreary (Auburn), and Kaiir Elam (Florida) before we get to Kyler Gordon (Washington) and Booth.

There’s also this theory that states Booth’s success may have been due to Clemson putting him in favorable positions and giving him pre-snap help. Time will tell if those theories are accurate, but for now, we grade Andrew Booth as a mid-round project. We keep looking at the film, and to be totally honest, again, we can’t see where the first-round grades are coming from.