Eagles could mold a contender by adding these NFL stars, NCAA prospects

Marcus Williams #43, New Orleans Saints (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)
Marcus Williams #43, New Orleans Saints (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) /
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Philadelphia Eagles
Vince Young, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Benjamin Solomon/Getty Images) /

The Eagles aren’t that far off from being a perennial playoff contender.

Some of you who are a little younger may not remember this, but once upon a time, July 29th of 2011 to be exact, Vince Young started a firestorm by simply speaking. Signed to the Philadelphia Eagles to serve as the team’s backup quarterback, Vince sat down to speak with members of the Philly media. He uttered something about a ‘dream team’ and the entire world went bananas.

While NFL stars are often cautioned against giving opposing teams or the media ammunition with which to attack the team, we’re going to take up for the hero of what’s widely considered to be best Rose Bowl ever played for a second.

Vince wasn’t saying the Eagles were destined for championship glory as much as he was saying he was honored to be a part of a team that was hoping to achieve something special. Young’s words live on though, especially seeing as how Philly didn’t even make the postseason that year, and now, even though a decade has elapsed since what’s believed to be one of the most famous lapses in judgment in franchise history, to this day, Birds fans won’t use the words ‘dream’ and ‘team’ in the same sentence.

Heading into the next league year, there’s a buzz growing. Philly has money to spend and draft capital, so there’s some excitement about what they might do to upgrade on both sides of the ball. Here are a few ideas, and doggone it, we’re pretty proud of them.

Believe it or not, Howie Roseman doesn’t listen to our theories on roster-building, but if you have his ear, maybe you can share our ideas? Here are a few moves Philadelphia can make during the NFL Draft and in free agency to turn the Birds into a super team.

If you notice, we didn’t say ‘dream team’. Oh and by the way, Vince Young suited up for Philadelphia as the starter and beat the New York Giants, so maybe all is forgiven? No? Okay, well, let’s move on.