Draft wiz says Malik Willis can be ‘a better version’ of Eagles QB Jalen Hurts

Malik Willis #7, Liberty Flames (Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images)
Malik Willis #7, Liberty Flames (Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images) /

Okay, here’s some brutal honesty. It’s hard to understand what the Philadelphia Eagles are doing sometimes. Zach Pascal was the straw that broke us, but with that being said, we refuse to allow them to catch us off guard like that again.

Nothing surprises us anymore with this team. We expect them to make irrational decisions. Howie Roseman is going to be around for three more years. Expect the Birds to say one thing and do another.

Now, here’s what must be stated. If you’ve kept up with this organization long enough, you realize that ‘due-diligence’ and the way this team’s leadership looks when it’s floundering around without a plan carry similarities. We know this team has committed to Jalen Hurts publicly. We also know that they’re looking for a quarterback.

You shouldn’t be shocked when you see that Philly has broken bread with Kenny Pickett. You shouldn’t be shocked if they traded up and took him. That isn’t to say that they should. We don’t think that they should, but, again, these are the unpredictable Eagles. Don’t be shocked if they do just that, and don’t be surprised if you begin to hear Malik Willis’ name more often.

Can Malik Willis become an advanced version of Eagles star Jalen Hurts?

The next time that you’re thinking about how much free time you have and you’re looking for something to engage in, take a few moments to check out Todd McShay’s recent appearance on The Ryen Russillo Podcast. He discussed a little Birds football, but he also provided his take on Malik Willis.

Russillo’s question about whether or not Philadelphia might utilize one of those first-round draft choices on a signal-caller ad how Malik Willis compares to Jalen Huts was met with the following as a response.

"I think, if everything pans out well, he’s a better version of Jalen Hurts. And, by that, I mean he can be a top-13 (to) top-15 quarterback in the league. I don’t know that he’s ever going to be a top-ten guy in the league, and that’s, again, assuming everything works out, that he gets the right quarterback coach, that he’s brought along, that he’s capable of picking the things up that he needs to learn."

In the end, McShay still believes that the Eagles should ride with Hurts for another season. Here’s more.

"Jalen Hurts was a different quarterback in the second half of the season than he was when he came out. So, I hear what you’re saying with the Eagles, but then again, I (have) Jalen Hurts, so I’m gambling on (whether or not) I’m getting a better version of Jalen Hurts. Why not take these three picks and draft the three best players (available) in this class? It could be all defense."

While McShay dropped a lot of good stuff there, we’ll repeat. These are the Eagles. This is Howie Roseman that we’re talking about.

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Don’t think for a second that they aren’t considering Malik Willis as an option. He’s a standup guy. He has a rocket for an arm. The question is will Philly value him above Jalen Hurts as we get closer to the end of April.