Eagles ‘running it back’ with average talent is this offseason’s top story

Derek Barnett (Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
Derek Barnett (Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports /

It was just last week when it happened. Seemingly, more often than we would have probably liked, with more free time than we’re used to having, it seemed like podcasts related to the Philadelphia Eagles‘ offseason were coming at us from all angles. This could be a statement made in error, but it seemed like it was the release and reacquisition of Fletcher Cox that got things going.

For some, bringing Fletch back was the last straw. Some liked the move. Others didn’t, but it was the culmination of a few head-scratching decisions and, simultaneously, the evidence that more were coming.

We didn’t have to wait long. On the same day that Philadelphia introduced Zach Pascal as a member of 2022’s roster, vice president/general manager Howie Roseman and company did the unforgivable. They brought Derek Barnett back on a two-year deal.

Do not adjust the lighting on your desktops or cell phones. Stop laughing. This isn’t a joke. This isn’t an ill-timed fire drill. Take a look for yourselves.

It’s becoming increasingly more difficult not to look at Howie Roseman like he’s a spy that’s been sent here to ruin this organization from the inside.

Let’s back up for a second or two. We have much to discuss.

The Eagles, for whatever reason, are running it back with a team that went 9-8 last year.

Remember how you felt when the Birds got throttled by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Wild Card Round? Some might say it wasn’t that bad of a loss and point to the fact that the final score was 31-15, but let’s be honest. That score isn’t indicative of how bad of a day that was.

Even after the loss, however, there was hope. This team had money to spend and had a shot to be aggressive in free agency. They had the capital to add difference-makers in Round 1 of the next NFL Draft.

Free agency arrived, and outside of the Haason Reddick addition, the decision was made to bring back familiar faces instead of top-tier talent in the free-agency pool. Names like Greg Ward, Boston Scott, Anthony Harris, Nate Herbig, Andre Chachere, and now Barnett come to mind.

Now, some of those guys can play. Some of them could have been allowed to continue to test free agency’s waters for a while too. You’re allowed to argue among yourselves about who falls in each category, but here’s the problem with what the Eagles are doing in the minds of so many.

We’ve heard of ‘running it back’ with dominant teams or the team that just won the Super Bowl. Never have we ever heard of running it back with a team that finished a game above .500 during the previous season. Don’t be shocked when Rodney McLeod and Steven Nelson are brought back as well.

As days pass, it’s getting harder to defend the moves made by this team, but then again, what did you expect after Howie Roseman signed a three-year extension? For some of you, it hasn’t sunk in yet that Jeffrey Lurie made an unwise decision by extending his shelf life, so let us reiterate.

As long as Howie is this team’s general manager, the Eagles will always be average. That’s your ‘new norm’ now. No one cares if guys that have worked under him are getting promoted. He has no idea about how to build a roster. The Super Bowl season wasn’t the rule. It was the exception.

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No, we haven’t forgotten that the Eagles have three first-round draft choices, but ask yourselves a question. How confident are you knowing that it will be Howie that makes the final decision on who is taken?

If you’re okay with that, you haven’t been paying attention. For now, if you know other die-hard Eagles fans, call them and check on them. They might need a friend now or a call to know that you care. It’s going to be a long year.