Former Eagles QB Carson Wentz gets dragged by Jim Irsay publicly

Jim Irsay, Colts (Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images)
Jim Irsay, Colts (Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images) /

In any divorce, there’s fallout. The family earnings must be split. It’s the same deal if there are any assets. Someone normally has to take primary custody of the children. No divorce comes without a degree of hurt feelings, but when handled properly both sides can move on peacefully and, hopefully, remain friends. It’s been a little over a year since the Philadelphia Eagles and Carson Wentz went their separate ways, and even though there’s credence to arguments stating that there’s no need to discuss him because he isn’t an Eagle anymore, it’s hard to avoid comment whenever he’s mentioned.

Come on, the Eagles traded up twice in the 2016 NFL Draft to take him second overall. He was expected to help lead this organization for years as one of the NFL’s best signal-callers. Philly was rewarded with drama, zero playoff wins, and more bad days than good ones.

As we sometimes do in relationships that aren’t our own (or our business), we tend to take sides. The Philadelphia/Wentz split was no different. Some sided with Wentz. Others sided with the Eagles, but here we are, again a little over one year later, and Carson is at the end of his second marriage. This one was much shorter.

How, pray tell, do you expect us not to comment?

So, what’s up with all this venom from Jim Irsay to the former Eagles star?

Long seen as one of the best and more rational owners in all of the NFL, Jim Irsay is beloved by coaches, employees, and the members of his football team. Unfortunately, we might have to throw the flag on something he did recently.

If you’ve been paying attention to the sports outlets and/or social media, Irsay’s been taking a little heat for some comments that he made in regard to his former quarterback during a recent interview with Zak Keefer of The Athletic.

Now, reading Keefer’s story requires a subscription, so we won’t share full quotes here. Still, despite statements in which Irsay laments that he wishes Carson well and doesn’t intend to treat him like “the scapegoat”, a he few of his other words sting.

It’s hard to gloss over other comments like “it was something we had to move away from as a franchise”, “It was very obvious”, and that he’s “extremely grateful to the football gods” because the Colts are in a better position now than they were” with Wentz as their starting quarterback.

As hard as it is not to wag the finger and tell the Wentz apologists “I told you so”, we won’t. We’ll be fair here. Seeing one of the more respected owners in pro football dragging one of the league’s more controversial quarterbacks publicly isn’t the best look. It isn’t like Carson Wentz needs more bad press.

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Perhaps Irsay should be considering something else as well. There are other guys in the locker room that could be watching the boss and wondering how they’d be discussed if in the same situation. Who knows? In the meantime, here’s one more nugget that we’ll throw out for fodder.

Is no one else noticing that no one ever seems to come to Carson Wentz’s defense? Dare we say those ‘anonymous sources’ were right about who he is as a teammate? Oh well, back to the Eagles. They have their own issues, and they’ll keep us busy all offseason.