Eagles FA target Tyrann Mathieu won’t back rumors of fizzled negotiations

Tyrann Mathieu #32, Kansas City Chiefs (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)
Tyrann Mathieu #32, Kansas City Chiefs (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images) /

It hasn’t been the fireworks show that we all anticipated. We can tell you that. Once the word got out that the Philadelphia Eagles had immense draft capital AND money to spend, the hope was they’d add three difference-makers in Round 1 of the NFL Draft and, before that, put pen to paper with at least two or three of the better veteran free agents to infuse more talent into the roster.

That isn’t what we’ve seen occur, and that’s putting things mildly. Day one of the new league year brought the announcement that Haason Reddick would be added. That was good news, but most of Philly’s time and energy was placed on reacquiring their own free agents, many of whom contributed to a 9-8 finish a year ago and nine-win seasons in three of the past four NFL campaigns (2018, 2019, and 2021). They posted a 4-11-1 record in 2020.

They also added two wide receivers. One graded lower than Jalen Reagor in 2021. The other is a track star that hasn’t played football since 2016. The signing of what some believe to be an undersized linebacker, Kyzir White, was announced too. We think White can play, but that doesn’t change some of the perceptions.

According to Tyrann Mathieu, the mutual interest between him and the Eagles hasn’t lessened.

Though it may seem like Tyrann Mathieu‘s been in the NFL for 15 seasons, he’s still a young man that will celebrate his 30th birthday in May. While that may be a reason to send pro football stars to the retirement home in the minds of many, Mathieu feels like one of those guys that still have about three really good years left. He’s clearly an upgrade over what the Eagles have currently at the safety position.

There was chatter of a possible acquisition by Philadelphia, but we’ve heard these rumors before. Philly’s always in play for (insert player’s name). They always seem to back away from the negotiating table, and any excitement for that player’s addition fizzles.

Might that be what’s happening here? There are rumblings that Kyle Hamilton could fall to Philadelphia at 15, and that’s led to rumors stating Philly may wait to see how their draft unfolds before they go the route of spending major coins on Mathieu.

These are all claims that Tyrann disputes. Take a look at this exchange.


This does lead to other questions though. If he’s so good, why aren’t teams beating this guy’s door down? Is it because they want to see how the draft goes first, or are they worried about deterioration? Why does it feel like, despite reports, the New Orleans Saints and Eagles are the only teams with intense interest? Why don’t the Chiefs want him back?

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Mathieu is still one of the better players at his position, but he isn’t what he once was. That has to be mentioned. That has to be a part of the discussion before putting pen to paper on an expensive deal.

In the meantime, throw this one in the category of dream signings we’ve always thought about that may have become realistic possibilities much later than they needed to.