Coldplay’s rendition of Fly Eagles Fly might be the smoothest ever

Chris Martin, Coldplay (Photo by Brian Stukes/Getty Images)
Chris Martin, Coldplay (Photo by Brian Stukes/Getty Images) /

So, what do we do now? The Philadelphia Eagles wrapped their final day of OTAs on Wednesday, June 8th, and though we should be happy because that means we’re one step closer to their game versus the Detroit Lions in Week 1 of the regular season, there’s a bittersweet taste because we won’t see the Birds together for a while.

Oh well, at least the Philadelphia Phillies are winning again and we have all of those subscriptions to those steaming services. That should bide the time. We could also check out a concert or two. Rumor has it that there was a good one at Lincoln Financial Field recently.

Coldplay rocks out at Lincoln Financial Field and offers their rendition of a song that Eagles fans are very familiar with.

While some of you were watching the Phils trounce the Milwaukee Brewers by a 10-0 margin and others were locked into the NBA Finals, 70,000 Coldplay fans made the trip to South Philly recently for another leg of the group’s Music of the Spheres World Tour. It was the first concert at the venue since we first learned of the pandemic.

With over 100 million albums sold globally, many of their songs are familiar. On Wednesday night, they added another that was not their own to the playlist, one that Birds fans should know fairly well.

Take a look at this one.

That might be one of the coolest renditions of the Eagles’ fight song that we’ve ever heard. We should probably wrap this one up before we start getting shortsighted and emotional or we start making comparisons to Whitney Houston’s performance of The Star-Spangled Banner in Super Bowl XXV.

Trending. Opposing offenses that will give the Eagles some trouble. light

The latter was the highlight of the night as there isn’t a Birds fan on Planet Earth that loves the way that game ended. Sue us. We love this team, and we can’t wait to sing Fly Eagles Fly once it’s time to start packing The Linc come the start of the regular season.