Eagles most negatively impacted by Philadelphia’s abbreviated offseason

Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /
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So, how much should we worry about the Eagles canceling so much of the offseason practice schedule?

Welcome to one of the best examples of what it feels like to live life as a lover of Philadelphia Eagles football. Often described as one of the most well-informed collectives of sports fan, there are times when Birds fans can’t get on the same page.

If you need evidence of that one, you needn’t look any further than any debate involving the quarterback position that’s been held since the close of the Super Bowl run. There was the Carson Wentz versus Nick Foles discussion which eventually became a Carson Wentz versus Jalen Hurts discussion. That gave way to what’s now a Jalen Hurts versus (insert player’s name) discussion.

Eagles fans love a good debate. It’s part of our birthright, but who knew we’d be so intrigued about days off? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we’re talking about practice… or in this case, the lack thereof.

Much has been made about the Eagles’ decision to cancel so much of the offseason workout schedule. Some see this as no big deal. Others believe that this is a questionable move that will have consequences. Here are a couple of other ways to look at it.

Think of Walter Payton running up that hill with the white headband on. Think about the fact that Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant were both the best players on their teams and the hardest workers on their team. Do you think they’d be cool with canceling practice? Does anyone feel like Philadelphia is in a position to coast through the summer while the Los Angeles Rams are going to work every day?

This abbreviated OTA schedule, one designed to prevent injuries could hurt the Philadelphia Eagles more than it helps them, and here are three Birds who may feel the most negative impact as a result.