Jalen Reagor is in for a nightmare if the Eagles can’t trade him by Week 2

Jalen Reagor #18, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Jalen Reagor #18, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

Two NFL Drafts have come and gone since the Philadelphia Eagles made a franchise-altering decision during 2020’s version of pro football’s selection meeting, and we still can’t stop discussing one of the worst organizational decisions we’ve ever seen. Most of you have told the story so many times that you can recite the details while sleeping (if you haven’t already done so).

On April 23rd of 2020, with the 21st selection, Philly drafted wide receiver Jalen Reagor, a former TCU Horned Frogs standout. The Minnesota Vikings took another wide receiver, Justin Jefferson, several moments later at 22. We all know how those decisions turned out for both franchises. Again, we’ve all thought about this on more than one occasion, and we’ve probably told the story more times than we’d like to remember.

The Eagles and Vikes haven’t met on the field for a football game since that night. That will change this season. They headline the final game of Week 2 on Monday Night Football. If nothing changes between now and then, both Reagor and Jefferson will be there. Philadelphia can’t let that happen.

If they have any compassion left for Jalen Reagor, they’ll do what’s merciful and do whatever it takes to part ways and allow him to move on. Placing him on the same football field as Justin Jefferson is a powderkeg waiting to happen.

This one doubles as the home opener for Philly. The game is in primetime. The entire football world will be watching. You can see where this is headed right?

If the Eagles aren’t careful, September 19th could be the worst day of Jalen Reagor’s young life.

Some of you may not remember this, but Justin Jefferson made a promise shortly after he learned Minnesota would be his home for at least the next four NFL seasons. He vowed that everyone who ignored him would pay. Typically, we don’t take too kindly to those types of threats, especially when they’re made by a rookie. This time was different.

Somehow, we knew he was right. Somehow, it felt like those comments were aimed at the Eagles, even though he didn’t single anyone out. Heck, it still feels like he was directing those comments at Philly. Everyone that took note of what he said knew that he would make good on that promise, and he has.

Jefferson’s career got off to a scorching start. His first season for Minnesota produced 14 starts as he appeared in every Vikings game. He hauled in 88 passes for 1,400 yards and scored seven touchdowns en route to a spot on the Pro Football Writers of America’s All-Rookie Team for 2020, a Second-Team All-Pro nod, and a spot on the Pro Bowl roster.

Jalen Reagor missed five regular-season games due to injury and caught 31 passes for 396 yards. He caught one touchdown pass. Many people asked what these two young lions would do for an encore. Jefferson got better. Reagor got worse.

Minnesota’s young phenom appeared in all 17 regular-season games and made 17 starts in 2021. He notched 108 snags for 1,616 yards. He reached the end zone ten times in his sophomore season. Again, he made the Pro Bowl and was named a Second-Team All-Pro.

Reagor caught more touchdown passes, two this time. He hauled in more receptions (33), but he never passed the eyeball test. He looked worse… much, much worse. The drops racked up and his confidence dwindled. It feels like he’s distanced himself from the team, and many are hoping that distance becomes physical.

Since the season’s end, Jalen Reagor has blocked members of the Philly media on his social media accounts. He once scrubbed those same social media accounts of all references to the Birds after Philly traded for A.J. Brown on the first night of the most recent NFL Draft. Again, it’s obvious that he wants to move on and play somewhere else.

This is the guy we’re going to potentially put on the field for a football game at Lincoln Financial Field versus the Vikings with Justin Jefferson standing on the sideline? Can you imagine how ugly that’s going to be, especially if Jefferson plays well and Reagor doesn’t? Can you imagine what we’re going to be saying in the days leading up to the game and what we’ll say once those games are over?

Reagor, who’s proven to be somewhat sensitive, may not recover once this game is played if he’s forced to participate in it… ever.

Come on Philly. Do the right thing. Cut your losses. Move on. The experiment didn’t work, but it led to great things.

Had it not been for Reagor’s failures, and the failures of J.J. Arcega-Whiteside before him, Philadelphia would have never drafted DeVonta Smith. They would have never traded for A.J. Brown. A rose grew from the concrete, but you have to get this guy out of here now.

He doesn’t want to be here. Most of us just want him to move on and play elsewhere, but watching him stink up the joint at home while Justin Jefferson plays well is just too much to take. For the emotional health of an entire fan base (and a young wideout who can still salvage a career), we’re begging you. Please get Reagor off of this team before September 19th.