Brian Dawkins continues to give Eagles fans reason to smile

Brian Dawkins, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
Brian Dawkins, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images) /

When the Philadelphia Eagles strap up to meet the hated Dallas Cowboys on Christmas Eve this season, we probably won’t be thinking about Brian Dawkins. If everything goes according to plan and all of this offseason fodder we’ve been throwing around is accurate, we’ll more than likely, be discussing a must-win game, divisional superiority, and playoff positioning.

It will also be nice if the Birds could give us an early Christmas present. Much of the coming regular season will be played by then, so even though December 24th also doubles as the 11th-year anniversary of the day Brian Dawkins played in his final NFL game, it’s understandable why that would take a backseat to Week 16’s game.

With that being said, we’ll talk about B-Dawk now. He’s still giving us reason to smile!

Brian Dawkins hasn’t played for 11 years, and he’s still giving Eagles fans reason to smile.

If you were fortunate enough to watch Brian Dawkins play, you know how special he was. You’re also aware that seeing him in that Denver Broncos jersey just seemed strange.

He was there for three seasons, but make no mistake about it. No one ever got used to it. He’ll always be remembered as an Eagle, and he’s an Eagle that bleeds green through and through.

He’s also still giving us reason to smile long after his playing days have reached their conclusion. Zach Berman recently shared a story about his philanthropy.

He detailed a sit-down in March that the man affectionately referred to as ‘Weapon-X’ shared with a gathering of kids from single-parent households. Dawk shared his experiences as the beneficiary of a scholarship that allowed him to attend a camp in North Carolina and how that camp, one that he still thinks about over 30 years later, changed his life.

This time, he’s waving the magic wand and making dreams come true. Through his Brian Dawkins Impact Foundation and Philadelphia’s Caring People Alliance, he offered ten kids ranging in age from eight to 18 years old grants of up to $1,000 to help them attend a camp of their choosing.

Seriously, what else needs to be said after that? Brian Dawkins spent just under a decade and a half being a hero to fans both on and off the field. More than a decade after his playing days ended, things haven’t changed much.

His 13 seasons in midnight green produced 183 in-game regular-season appearances with 182 starts. That led to 914 total tackles, 21 sacks, another eight hits on the quarterback, 34 interceptions, 132 pass breakups, 16 fumble recoveries (many coming on the 32 he forced), and three defensive touchdowns.

He added 84 tackles, two sacks, four interceptions, nine pass breakups, and three forced fumbles in 18 career playoff games. As far as that Weapon X moniker goes, he still wears it proudly.

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Recently, it was announced that he’ll appear in a special edition comic that teams him up with Wolverine of the X-Men and puts him on the cover. The limited-edition feature is being cooked up by Marvel’s own Carlos Pacheo. Again, what else needs to be said after you hear something like that? Give us a dose of Wolverine and B-Dawk any day of the week.

Who knows? Maybe Brian Dawkins is actually Logan in one of the parallel worlds of the Multiverse.