3 Reasons Eagles star Darius Slay will make a second-consecutive Pro Bowl

Darius Slay, Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)
Darius Slay, Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Darius Slay #2, Philadelphia Eagles
Darius Slay #2, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

There are several, but here are three of the more obvious reasons why Eagles star Darius Slay will make the Pro Bowl for a second consecutive season.

Here’s where everyone fell in ESPN’s ranking of the top ten cornerbacks in the game. This one falls under the category of premium content. We won’t share any quotes for that reason, but this is still a great conversation starter.

  1. Jalen Ramsey, Los Angeles Rams
  2. Marshon Lattimore, New Orleans Saints
  3. Jaire Alexander, Green Bay Packers
  4. Xavien Howard, Miami Dolphins
  5. J.C. Jackson, Los Angeles Chargers
  6. Denzel Ward, Cleveland Browns
  7. Patrick Surtain II, Denver Broncos
  8. Marlon Humphrey, Baltimore Ravens
  9. A.J. Terrell, Atlanta Falcons
  10. Trevon Diggs, Dallas Cowboys

No one’s saying this is a bad list, and again, it was pieced together following Fowler’s conversation with execs, coaches, and players, but at his best, Slay can be just as good as anyone on that list. Here are three reasons why he’ll make the Pro Bowl.

1. Slay is a highlight-reel waiting to happen, and fans love highlights.

ESPN has long been known as ‘The Worldwide Leader In Sports’. Their flagship show, Sportscenter, and one of its most popular segments, Top Ten, have captivated us for years.

Highlight shows are everywhere, from NFL Network to CBS Sports and etcetera, and Slay’s ever-present ability to wind up on the list will keep his name in NFL circles all season. Having a better team around him will help too.

With what should be an impressive pass rush, Slay won’t have to stay in coverage as long. He can also take advantage of bad decisions when quarterbacks begin to press and force things.