Eagles legend Seth Joyner offers searing criticism Fletcher Cox

Fletcher Cox, Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports)
Fletcher Cox, Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports) /

When Philadelphia Eagles legend Seth Joyner speaks, Birds fans and everyone in the media tend to tune their antennas in an attempt to tune into the frequency. Nothing is off-limits when it comes to the guys in midnight green when Seth finds his way in front of a microphone, but if there’s one thing that everyone can appreciate, other than the eight years he gave to the franchise it’s this.

No one will ever have to worry about honesty. If you ask Seth what he’s thinking, he will most certainly tell you what he’s thinking.

During Jakib Media’s introduction to the members of their new Eagles Postgame Show (Joyner, Mike Missanelli, Derrick Gunn, and Devan Kaney), he debunked statements of Jalen Hurts having a ‘noodle arm’, this after stating “They might as well go ahead, give him a warm cheesesteak, and put him on the bus now” while referencing Jalen Reagor’s chances of making the Eagles roster.

His opinions don’t just encompass theories about the team’s young talent however. He has no issue with lighting a fire under the veterans and legends if he feels like it needs to happen.

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Seth Joyner rips Fletcher Cox.

Fletcher Cox has entered territory that many polarizing Eagles players find themselves in. He’s split the opinions of the fan base. People just can’t get on the same page about how he should be viewed.

He’s clearly past his prime as the ‘elite’ label has long been removed. That isn’t terrible news. Arguments can be made that he can still be effective in a rotational role from a physical standpoint. None of that matters though if the effort isn’t there.

Cox’s effort has been discussed constantly. Many say it’s lacking (and, at times, it is). Check out this tweet from Jakib Media’s official Twitter account.

That statement also comes from the aforementioned presser. Check out the full clip below. Credit Jakib’s YouTube channel for the visual. Fast forward to the 18:40 mark to hear one legend’s take on another.

It stings, but he’s right. Fletcher Cox is often credited for his leadership. There’s no doubt his teammates love him, but the question is this.

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With the enormous shadow that Fletch casts in the locker room and across the Eagles’ roster on game days and with the name he’s made for himself over the past decade, do you want the young guys taking their cues from him? That’s something the Eagles brass and coaching staff may want to spend some time thinking about.