Eagles: Takeaways from Nick Sirianni, Howie Roseman press conference

NovaCare Complex, Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports)
NovaCare Complex, Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports) /

It appears that most of Philadelphia Eagles Nation woke up early (if they slept at all). Fans showed up to the NovaCare Complex to take everything in. Nick Sirianni and Howie Roseman‘s first sit-down with members of the media began later than when it was scheduled. The head coach showed up to the preceding wearing a t-shirt bearing Jalen Hurts‘ likeness.

Some of you who are old school may not like that, but it is what it is. You ought to know how this guy is wired by now. Sure, it’s easy to ask if he’d have a hard time redirecting that energy if he’d have to be tough on his quarterback later (and whether or not he’d be taken seriously), but we also have to know that Nick knows his players better than we do.

Jason Kelce was once quoted as saying that part of the reason he’s returning is that he wants to play for this guy. That has to count for something.

Those are the reasons we trust him, and as far as what was said in his and Howie’s first presser, things were just as noteworthy as they always are.

Here are a few highlights of Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni and VP/GM Howie Roseman’s first training camp presser.

The head coach and general manager sat with the Philly media for about 20 minutes on Wednesday prior to the first of ten practice sessions. Here are a few things to make note of.

More walkthroughs

Nick Sirianni expressed that the decision to go with more walkthroughs this year compared to what we’ve seen in previous seasons was tied to data on soft-tissue injuries being more prevalent after a few consecutive days of hard practices.

The goal is to get to Week 1 of the regular season with his team being as healthy as possible. The Eagles will do all that they can from a work-management standpoint to ensure that happens.

Here’s more.

Jalen Hurts accuracy

Of course questions about Jalen Hurts’ accuracy came up. Coach was nothing but complimentary.

Marcus Epps gets a well-deserved vote of confidence

“No one works harder than Marcus”! Those were the words of Howie Roseman as the conversation shifted momentarily to the safety position. He also mentioned that he’s never content with any spot on the roster and that K’Von Wallace needs to step up this summer.

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As great as the offseason has been, there are still some looming concerns about what happens at the safety position. Anthony Harris was limited in practice as he was placed on a COVID progression list. K’Von Wallace and Marcus Epps took first-team reps at safety.

It’s been said often. It needs to be said again. Marcus Epps is going to be fine! His increased role is long overdue.