Thoughts on Vic Fangio visiting Eagles training camp

Vic Fangio (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)
Vic Fangio (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images) /

If the first day of August is any indication of what we can expect from the 2022-2023 Philadelphia Eagles season, or the NFL season in general, buckle up. Before we even reached the noonday hours, when many of us take a lunch break, there was tons to talk about.

The fourth day of practice brought with it shoulder pads. Head coach Nick Sirianni said they’ll be in full pads on Tuesday but they won’t tackle. So far, during camp, we’ve seen members of our great nation’s military and a little fanfare. The stars were out as they say (sort of).

Some of the guys we listen to daily on 94 WIP-FM were in attendance on Monday, Jon Marks, Jon Ritchie, and Ike Reese for instance. The boss, Eagles Chairman/CEO Jeffrey Lurie, also made an appearance as did Merrill Reese, Mike Quick, and Dick Vermeil, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention another notable visitor in attendance that turned a few heads.

Vic Fangio hangs out at Eagles training camp for the fourth practice session.

Having spent three seasons as the Denver Broncos head coach from 2019 to 2021, when it was announced in February that Vic Fangio wouldn’t return for a fourth run, an accompanying statement came straight from the source. He announced that he had no plans to coach in 2022.

Had he decided to seek new opportunities, he wouldn’t have been unemployed for long. Poll Birds fans, and you’re certain to hear a few of them tell you they’d take him as this team’s defensive coordinator in a second. That won’t happen though because, as you know, Philly has Jonathan Gannon in their wheelhouse.

That begs a question though. Most of you know where this is headed. Why is he here then? Coach Sirianni addressed that during his pre-practice presser.

"We like to bring in guys. Ilike to make it very clear to the staff that we bring guys in that we trust and that we’re close to. Vic has some relationships on the staff, and it’s great to have him here . They come in. They eat, and they watch practice. And, you make them work for that a little (chuckles). You pick their brain. So, he’s here because he’s got relationships with guys, and of course we’d be foolish not to use him."

Coach Siriani also mentioned that, throughout the week, they’ll bring in other guys, Jim Smith of Indiana University at Pennsylvania for instance (their defensive coordinator). There’s no need to start any rumors though.

For now, there’s no need to connect dots between Fangio and the Eagles. Gannon is safe as Philadelphia’s defensive coordinator, but once this season passes and, maybe, J.G. lands a head-coaching job, who knows?

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Moments like these are how relationships start, and again, the Eagles and most of their fans would be thrilled to have Fangio as the team’s defensive coordinator. As you’ve probably already noticed, J.G.’s system has some of Vic’s fingerprints on it.