Eagles news: Best stories from DeSean Jackson’s I Am Athlete interview

DeSean Jackson #10, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Drew Hallowell/Getty Images)
DeSean Jackson #10, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Drew Hallowell/Getty Images) /
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Jason Avant #81, Philadelphia Eagles
Jason Avant #81, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images) /

Who knew that DeSean Jackson was this accomplished of a storyteller?

No true Eagles fan needs a reminder about how good Jason Avant was. Longtime play-by-play radio announcer Merrill Reese once stated that he, Jackson, and Jeremy Maclin comprised the best Eagles trio at wide receiver ever (and he would know). Still, it’s always great to hear guys who played the game discuss these things, and right about the 16:40 mark of this one, Jason, as the saying goes was given ‘his flowers’.

Jason Avant was a technician.

Marshall got the conversation going as he asked everyone to weigh in on his brilliance in the slot. D-Jax discussed his unselfishness, football I.Q., and the way he envisioned being great before carrying it out on every play.

As LeSean McCoy stated, Jason could catch one before it hit ‘the carpet’. He’s truly one of the better Eagles that we don’t mention enough, so it was nice to see the guys show him some love. The full interview is below. Again, fast forward to the 16:40 mark to hear the guys speak on this particular topic.

To hear DeSean talk about his experiences was awesome. This one needs a second installment though because it feels like, even with all that he shared, he barely scratched the surface.

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This one gets an A+ though. Hearing a couple of former Birds talk about football was all we needed to be interested in the contents, but if you haven’t checked this one out and you’re looking for a way to spend your lunch break or cool down after work, give this one a listen.