3 aggressive, near-impossible moves for the Eagles to consider

Howie Roseman, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Howie Roseman, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /
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Don’t rule out the possibility of the Eagles making a move, even now.

A solid roster… A productive training camp that has, so far, gone on without any major injuries (knock on wood)… The Philadelphia Eagles have been quite the conversation piece.

The announcement of Haason Reddick’s acquisition on the first day of the free-agency frenzy caught everyone’s attention. The trade that brought A.J. Brown into the nest set the fan base and media on fire before adding a man with first-round talent in Round 3 of the NFL Draft and the acquisition of James Bradberry pushed excitement to a fever pitch.

Don’t be surprised if Howie Roseman makes another move. Here are three ideas if anyone would like to get him on the phone. Sure, they’re aggressive. Some may even say they’re almost impossible. Truthfully, we asked our staff, and we’re lukewarm to at least two of them.

Trade Reagor and/or Dillard AND find value.

We’ve mentioned the idea of trading Jalen Reagor and Andre Dillard before. If that’s something the Birds are considering, they may find willing partners. We’ve seen injuries at the wide receiver position league-wide, and there’s always a market for left tackles.

Even though both are having good camps, based on what we’ve seen during the regular season, it may be time to end the experiments.

Trading either of these guys is aggressive in the sense that moving on from one (or both) means the Birds give up on two former first-round draft choices before their rookie deals reach their end. It’s near-impossible in the sense that, while it may be easier to find value in a trade that ships Andre Dillard off, Philly figures to get the short end of the stick in any deal they make in terms of value.

There’s been a rash of injuries at the wide receiver position, so there may be an increasing market for Reagor, but for now, we’ll shelf both ideas. Here’s another move the front office may consider.