Former Eagles rival Michael Irvin thinks Philadelphia can become a dynasty

Michael Irvin (Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images)
Michael Irvin (Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images) /

It’s been a strange day. How’s that for analysis? Hours after Jalen Reagor stepped in front of a microphone and stated that he’d like to end his career as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles, the unthinkable happened. Former Dallas Cowboy and lifelong Birds rival Michael Irvin joined Dan Sileo Show on Jakib Media and gave us all a headache.

At the risk of being disrespectful, The Playmaker’s takes on the NFL Network have often made Birds fans want to abandon any show he’s featured on and change the channel to see what’s being said on ESPN. There was no escaping him today.

Even if you were smarter than the rest of us and logged off of Sileo’s show once you realized that he had, indeed, accepted the invitation to appear on the broadcast, you were probably blindsided while scrolling through your Twitter feed.

Buckle up friends. We have much to discuss and Tylenol to ingest for the headaches.

Michael Irvin believes the Philadelphia Eagles have the ingredients to become an NFL dynasty.

Don’t adjust your monitors or restart your cell phones or tablets. This isn’t a drill. Michael Irvin is drinking the kool-aid. He’s taken the expectations a step further than most of us as he expressed to Sileo that he’s not only fearful of Philadelphia’s talent but he also believes the Eagles have the makings of a dynasty.

Don’t take our word for it, take a look for yourselves

We’re doomed! When has Irvin ever been right about anything that was important? Do you think he knows that he’s never right? Perhaps he said this to jinx our beloved Birds! Sure, it’s hard to believe in jinxes, but if they did exist, Irvin’s Cowboys would be the evidence.

Year after year and season after season, we’re told that this will be the year that they return to the mountaintop. Often, Number 88 perpetuates that nonsense. Year after year and season after season, they collapse when it matters most, and get this.

Michael Irvin and the members of Cowboys Nation are always the last people to join the party because they never seem to figure out what the rest of us have known for months. If Dallas and their fans want to see Cowboys Super Bowl highlights, the only way they’ll do so is by dusting off the VHS tapes and reconnecting the VCRs.

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We appreciate the vote of confidence Mr. Irvin, but on behalf of Eagles Nation, we’re going to have to respectfully ask you to remain on the sideline and steer clear of making any predictions related to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Winning a Super Bowl is hard enough. We don’t need any of that misfortune that’s been sprinkled on the Cowboys for the past 25 years to begin making its way over to the City of Brotherly Love.