Reasons for Andre Dillard’s early exit from Eagles practice revealed

Andre Dillard, Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports)
Andre Dillard, Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports) /

It’s been quite the roller-coaster ride for now-fourth-year Philadelphia Eagles tackle Andre Dillard. In less than two weeks, he’s been through just about every emotion enjoyed and allowed that we’re aware of.

Things began when he landed on a list of the team’s inactives along with the man that precedes him on the offensive depth chart, Jordan Mailata. Both worked their way back relatively quickly, thankfully, and played in the team’s first preseason game versus the New York Jets. Two days later, Number 77, Dillard, got into a couple of dust-ups during a Sunday morning practice at the NovaCare Complex.

Shortly thereafter, he was checked out by a trainer before entering the building prior to the session’s conclusion. High emotions? That’s what some thought the reason may have been. Injury? That was another possibility. As you might expect, Dillard’s rough day has been the subject of some discussion, but we now know the reasons for his exit thanks to the reports of some trusted sources.

Andre Dillard’s early exit from Eagles practice was simply a precautionary measure.

Heat, full pads, and intense competition… That’s all you need to trigger a few fights at practice, and on a Sunday that followed the Philadelphia Eagles’ first preseason game, Andre Dillard channeled his inner Jon Runyan and found his way into two of them.

The first was hardly a surprise. He and Derek Barnett went at one another during a drill. They exchanged blows. A brief wrestling match ensued. That’s okay. Things happen, although we’ve seen those two go at one another before. Think back to Dillard’s rookie season.

The second tussle, or shall we say the third, came moments later. During another drill, well, let’s just say the ‘competition’ between Dillard and Patrick Johnson continued well past the whistle and Dillard’s helmet was ripped off. Things had gotten tense between the two earlier, but cooler heads prevailed before something major took place.

According to NBC Sports’ Dave Zangaro, Dillard’s exit was precautionary. Keep in mind the fact that he, again, just underwent some concussion protocol recently. Since 2022’s version of training camp began, the Birds have participated in seven practices. Andre has been solid, but perhaps the silver lining in all of the day’s events is this.

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This isn’t that same guy who was seen as a pushover when he arrived in the City of Brotherly Love a little over our years ago. This new version of Andre Dillard has a mean streak, and you know what? Good for him!

You need that in an offensive lineman playing at football’s highest level. It took a while, but the light bulb appears to be flickering for the former Washington State Cougar. Philly might be rubbing off on him after all!