Eagles topple Lions in Madden 23 simulation

Derek Barnett #96, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images)
Derek Barnett #96, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images) /

It won’t be long now. Another Sunday approaches, August 21st in this case, and once it arrives, we’ll be three weeks away from the beginning of another NFL season. The Philadelphia Eagles kick off their campaign with a September 11th showdown versus the Detroit Lions in the Motor City.

Once seen as one of the more winnable games on the Eagles’ schedule, recently, doubt has crept in. People are beginning to ask questions that they never would have asked a few months ago, questions like ‘What if Philadelphia actually loses this game?’.

Who knows? Maybe we’ve gotten too transfixed with HBO’s Hard Knocks series, but for whatever reason, after two episodes, people are allowing themselves to believe the Lions will be a contender this season. They won’t be, but that doesn’t mean they won’t shock a few teams along the way.

The Eagles should and will beat the Lions in Week 1, right?

Truthfully, no one knows how the Birds and Lions matchup will play out until it happens. Sure, anything can happen on any given week and Week 1 is as good a time to catch teams off guard as any, but even though we know the Lions can beat Eagles, we don’t think they will… right?

Just for kicks, with the release of EA Sports’ Madden NFL 23 approaching, we decided to have a little fun. We made a trip over to YouTube and watched a couple of simulations. The first is actually a Madden 22 sim with updated rosters. Thank Vikk Simulations for this one. Their YouTube page can be accessed by clicking here.

That one was close, and it could be representative of how things play themselves on September 11th. The Lions aren’t going to lie down for anyone, and no one should be shocked if they push the Birds to the wire during what should be an emotional regular-season opener. They’re going to want to make a statement, but let’s be honest.

The Eagles are the better team. They have the better players and are better coached, and they should fly out of the Motor City with a 1-0 record. Electronic Arts seems to agree based on what we’ve seen.

Here’s another sim. This one was played out on Madden NFL 23 sim. Thank Cole On The Stix for this one (check out his YouTube channel here). Things played out more along the lines of what we saw this past Halloween as the Birds held on for a one-sided victory.

Two simulations… Two Eagles victories… We’ll take it! Now, the results of a Madden simulation will have no bearing on what transpires on September 11th between the hours of 1:00 p.m. and 4 p.m. EST, but they’re definitely a lot of fun.

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We stand by what we said earlier. Philadelphia has the better team. They’re better coached. They have the better roster. They should win this game. Whether they win by three points or 30 points shouldn’t matter. All we want is a win. We won’t have to wait too much longer to watch things play out on the field.