Winners, game balls following Eagles, Browns preseason game

Boston Scott #35, Gardner Minshew #10, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Boston Scott #35, Gardner Minshew #10, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /
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Kenneth Gainwell, Philadelphia Eagles
Kenneth Gainwell, Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Scott Galvin-USA TODAY Sports) /

It’s great to have so many positives to discuss after a win, even if that win comes during the preseason.

Before you ‘the glass is half full’ people say it’s only preseason, we get it. We all understand that, but if you think the Birds aren’t flying home happy after this one, you’re mistaken.

You can best believe this team was bothered by losing a late lead versus the New York Jets, and before you say, these games are meaningless, watch A.J. Brown and company dash down the sidelines to congratulate Devon Allen on that touchdown grab.

Brotherly love is in the air! We have to give a little to a few other guys.

Kenneth Gainwell, running back

How about Kenneth Gainwell? He had a rough day on Friday during the Eagles’ second joint practice versus the Browns and got yelled at by his coach, but he showed up in live action. Try 46 yards on 11 carries and a rushing touchdown on for size. It was great watching him have a good day.

Deon Cain, wide receiver

Deon Cain needed a big day, and doggone it. He had one! He led all receivers, including the ones on the other team, with five receptions. That includes consecutive grabs that resulted in first downs and set the Eagles up with first-and-goal inside the five-yard line late in the first half.

The Eagles didn’t score. Gardner Minshew almost threw a pick-six on fourth down, but don’t blame any of that on Cain. Those five receptions resulted in 66 yards. The only thing that he did wrong was run out on the field late for the final punt of the afternoon.