Arguments for and against Eagles aggressively pursuing Kareem Hunt

Kareem Hunt, Cleveland Browns (Mandatory Credit: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports)
Kareem Hunt, Cleveland Browns (Mandatory Credit: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Kareem Hunt has seemingly supplanted Jessie Bates as the latest Eagles fantasy acquisition.

Two games of the Philadelphia Eagles‘ three-game preseason slate are in our rear-view mirror. One remains, and the first regular-season test approaches. Things are beginning to come into focus.

Most of us have identified the guys who are locks to make the roster. Things haven’t changed much on that front since April. There are also issues, and we’ve spent extended time discussing those as well.

Safety is still an issue. This team seemingly lacks a three-down running back, and knowing that kickstarted, first, rumors of a possible trade for disgruntled Cincinnati Bengals star Jessie Bates III (though we’ve given up on that dream) before all of that energy transferred to the new fantasy, running back Kareem Hunt.

As is the case with most conversations that are similar to this one, there are a couple of issues, and varying opinions on both sides of the argument.

Following Philly’s second preseason game, JAKIB Sports crafted a trade proposal. The Birds ship Gardner Minshew packing. The Eagles receive a second-round draft choice and Kareem Hunt. We’ll let you guys argue among yourselves over whether or not that’s the type of package you’d deem appropriate. While you mull that one over, here are arguments supporting and discrediting theories of a possible acquisition.