Storylines to watch during Philadelphia Eagles preseason finale

Devon Allen, Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports)
Devon Allen, Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports) /

Once the Philadelphia Eagles take the field for their preseason finale versus the Miami Dolphins, less than 15 days will separate us from their Week 1 regular-season date versus the Detroit Lions, but you already know that. August 27th’s tune-up won’t give us a look at Jalen Hurts, Philly’s starters on offense or defense, or anything the Birds plan to do consistently on offense or defense. That isn’t news either though.

Reading or hearing that Philadelphia, once the preseason wraps, will need to announce their 53-man roster by 4 p.m. EST on Tuesday won’t catch anyone off-guard either. In truth, much has already been figured out.

We know who the starters on that roster will be. We’ve identified much of the second string, but that doesn’t mean the third preseason game won’t be enjoyable. Truthfully, the opposite is true. There’s still much to be ironed out, and the Saturday evening game in South Florida should help us do so.

Here are a handful of subplots to watch as the Philadelphia Eagles end their preseason versus the Miami Dolphins.

Should the Philadelphia Eagles keep three quarterbacks or two? Is there a need for a fourth running back? Expect to see a lot of Reid Sinnett and Carson Strong as this will be their audition. The same is true for Kennedy Brooks and Jason Huntley.

Stong hasn’t played much. Sinnett, Brooks, and Huntley have all had moments, but none of them have proven they must be on the 53-man roster. That’s something to monitor as you watch this one play out. Here are a few other subplots to watch as well.

Why does Davion Taylor look slower than we know he is?

Davion Taylor took a step forward in year two but got injured. There was some excitement about his return, but he seems to have regressed physically, lost confidence, or both. He’ll make the roster, but he has to make tackles when given the chance and prove he isn’t a liability in pass coverage. Stay tuned.

One final chance for Devon Allen and Britain Covey?

There isn’t much to be said here. Devon Allen probably needs another ‘wow’ play or two to catapult himself onto the roster. The only reason to keep Britain Covey is he provides value on special teams as a returner. Unfortunately for the former Ute. We’ve seen no evidence of that in live action.

Deon Cain is better than both of these guys.

Are Mac McCain, Kary Vincent Jr., and Tay Gowan back in the picture?

Josh Jobe‘s emergence made Mac McCain, Kary Vincent, and Tay Gowan afterthoughts in the defensive secondary. Now, Jobe has an elbow injury, and no one knows how long he’ll be hampered. Jobe should make the team, but you have to wonder if one of the three incumbents will find their way onto the Philadelphia Eagles’ 53-man roster initially.

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Could this be Jalen Reagor’s swan song?

There’s no nice way to put this. With Jalen Reagor, there isn’t much to compliment. There just isn’t much there. He needs a new start in a new city, but if Howie Roseman can’t orchestrate a trade, something tells us there’s a chance that this guy sticks around.

That won’t make many people happy, but don’t be shocked if the Philadelphia Eagles release their initial 53-man roster and Reagor is one of their wide receivers.