Final grades for Reid Sinnett following Philadelphia Eagles preseason finale

Reid Sinnett #13, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images)
Reid Sinnett #13, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images) /

Perhaps the quarterback factory needs to be closed for maintenance. The Philadelphia Eagles, at no fault of their own, aren’t sure of their long-term plans at the position. From a fan, media, or organizational standpoint, it’s hard not to peek over at what the Baltimore Ravens are doing without having a little ‘QB envy’.

How is it that they’ve never once used the term factory but seemed to have built one while, in the City of Brotherly Love, so many are nervous? Sure. Jalen Hurts is capable and has gotten better. Gardner Minshew could start for a few teams right now (see the Seattle Seahawks or New York Giants), but Hurts’ second season as the full-time starter is an audition. Minshew won’t be around forever. Heck, he may not be around all season. There are also two other guys on the roster – Carson Strong and Reid Sinnett.

Place those seatbelts on, and take a ride with us. There’s much to discuss.

Reid Sinnett has played himself off of the Philadelphia Eagles’ 53-man roster.

It’s been quite the ride for both Strong and Sinnett. Post-draft, we thought the former’s acquisition meant the latter would ultimately see his release. We soon learned that Sinnett was the better quarterback. Fast forward, and the Eagles’ handling of Strong’s playing time during the preseason (or lack thereof) tells you everything you needed to know.

Sinnett has always been the third-best quarterback on the Eagles’ roster. He needed only to go out and prove it. More often than not, he couldn’t. That leads us back to a question we’ve asked for at least a few weeks.

Might the Eagles explore the idea of carrying two quarterbacks on the 53-man roster? Most wouldn’t have a problem if that wound up being the plan. On Tuesday, we’ll learn if Philadelphia’s coaches and leadership agree.

Best throw:

This one’s obvious. Reid Sinnett’s best preseason pass was his 55-yard bomb to track star Devon Allen.

That one put Philly in the lead on the scoreboard for good in the second preseason game. That adds to its relevance, but as you know, Reid Sinnett is far from being a finished product.

Worst throw:

You guessed it. Last night’s pick-six requires discussion. We’ve looked at this one several times. We called coaches and scouts for second opinions. We still can’t figure out what he saw here or why he’d attempt this pass.

To add insult to injury, Sinnett could have made a tackle to prevent Elijah Campbell from scoring, but he couldn’t do that either. This one failed the eye test from start to finish.

Through three preseason games, Sinnett racked 25 completions on 48 attempts. That resulted in 254 yards passing, two touchdowns, and this interception. Here are your final grades.

Final grades:

  • Arm-strength: A+
  • Accuracy: C
  • Vision: C
  • Intangibles: C
  • Decision-making: C-
  • Leadership: B+
  • Overall: C

We’ll give him a B+ for leadership. He did lead the offense to go-ahead scores in the first two preseason games. It isn’t his fault that special teams and the defense lost the first for him. Everything else about his performance can be seen as average to slightly above average. For that preseason, he gets an overall grade, a C+.

One more thing: Though some may disagree, the Philadelphia Eagles should carry two quarterbacks on the 53-man roster. Sinnett and Strong can be stashed there without fear of another team taking them. They can use the extra roster spot to hang onto someone more deserving.

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The question is this. Is there a need for two QBs on the scout team? We aren’t responsible for answering that, but keep this in mind. The Eagles invested a lot of coin into the undrafted rookie. They may not want to give up on him so soon.