Eagles VP Howie Roseman named NFL’s least trusted general manager

Howie Roseman, Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports)
Howie Roseman, Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports) /

Whether you’re a fan of his or not, everyone has an opinion on Howie Roseman. He’s been a part of the Philadelphia Eagles organization since 2000. He was initially hired to serve as a member of the salary cap staff counsel, and as years have passed, he’s grown, eventually transitioning into his current role, executive vice president/general manager of one of the biggest, most popular, and highest valued brands in all of sports.

Criticism is a part of the deal for Howie, leading an NFL franchise that is supported by one of the most demanding sports towns and fan bases has left him open to criticism, attacks on television and radio, and at times, a low approval rating, but most of that has come by way of the Philadelphia media and Birds fans.

During his two-decade-long tenure, he’s seen four head-coaching regimes. One of which buried him in the equipment room to limit his involvement (Chip Kelly), but as Jason Kelce so eloquently mentioned during the greatest speech in the history of victory parades, a “different” version of Howie emerged from the wreckage in the aftermath of Chip’s era.

The Eagles won a Super Bowl. We’ve also seen some bad football over that time thanks to some of his roster decisions. How does the rest of the football world view Howie though? The answer might surprise you.

Philadelphia Eagles mainstay Howie Roseman is named the NFL’s least trusted general manager in a recent survey done by The Athletic.

As they do every year, The Athletic recently polled NFL agents to check the pulse of how they view everything from surprising offseason decisions to which general managers are trustworthy. It appears, based on Ben Standing’s findings, that some believe Howie Roseman has some work to do in regard to the latter.

For the second consecutive year, Howie takes home the dubious honor of being labeled the NFL’s least trustworthy general manager. Obviously, the content of this one sits behind a paywall, so we won’t share any quotes here, but here’s what we can share.

Four of the ten votes tallied were given to Howie Roseman. That ties him with the New York Jets’ front office which is led by Joe Douglas, who spent time under Roseman from 2016 to 2019. You can take that for what it’s worth, but it is interesting.

The question is this. Does any of that affect this franchise negatively from a business standpoint? Sure, we’ve seen Zach Ertz and Howie get into public shouting matches. There were also theories that Roseman’s continued tenure is why potential head-coaching candidates like Brandon Staley steered clear. There’s also this to consider.

No one works the phones like Howie Roseman. Watching him consistently land talent as he did with Chauncey Gardner-Johnson while staying plugged in with what’s going on around the league points to the fact that he has great working relationships around the league.

Here’s another tough pill to swallow. Even though many believe they can do Howie’s job better than he can because they have mastered the franchise mode on Electronic Arts’ Madden NFL game, they can’t.

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Sure, we’ve all seen Roseman both juggle the Eagles’ salary cap masterfully and ruin their chances of being competitive by making decisions that some would see as uninformed. Yes, he’s hit home runs and/or found significant value with late-round draft choices (Jordan Mailata, Jalen Mills, Quez Watkins) while striking out with some selections that were taken in early rounds (Jalen Reagor, Derek Barnett), but the fact of the matter is this.

Howie is much better at doing his job than any of the rest of us would be at performing the duties of his role.