Six of 25 NFL insiders name Eagles in their Super Bowl prediction

Jeffrey Lurie (Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports)
Jeffrey Lurie (Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports) /

The dawn of the 2022-2023 NFL season approaches. Everything begins with the defending-champion Los Angeles Rams hanging their Super Bowl banner before hosting the Buffalo Bills at SoFi Stadium, ironically the same location in which they climbed to pro football’s mountaintop. The Philadelphia Eagles‘ first game comes three days later, a road date versus the Detroit Lions in the Motor City.

Who would have thought, while watching the ending of both teams’ seasons last season, that we’d be talking about them both as Super Bowl contenders during the coming season? There’s no need to adjust the resolution on your cellular devices or tablets. This isn’t a drill.

Philadelphia’s hype train seems to grow by the day, and apparently, some of the more respected voices for NFL content seem to be on board with that theory.

Six of 25 writers/insiders name the Philadelphia Eagles as one-half of their Super Bowl prediction.

Regardless of where you get your information from, there are several spots in which we all hang out to satisfy our football fixes. Love them or hate them, Pro Football Focus falls under that umbrella as does pro football’s home,

The latter has taken some time to make predictions on everything from the next MVP to the NFL Coach of the Year. 25 analysts participated. Six named the Philadelphia Eagles as the NFC Champion in their Super Bowl predictions.

Gennaro Filice believes the Birds fall short of football’s ultimate goal in a game versus the Buffalo Bills. Adam Rank and Jim Trotter agree. Marc Sessler believes the L.A. Chargers will beat the Eagles. Marc Ross believes the Kansas City Chiefs edge the Birds while Gregg Rosenthal is the only voice stating Philadelphia will get to the Super Bowl and win. He believes the Chiefs are the victim.

Let’s hope his theory or one that’s similar comes to fruition.

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We have a long way to go before we can begin serious postseason conversations, but in the meantime, it appears that the ‘element of surprise’ won’t be working in the Eagles’ favor unless they see teams whose players don’t have televisions or social media accounts.

That’s okay though. Football is about lining up and beating the team in front of you. Games aren’t won and lost in the headlines or on Twitter. You can best believe Nick Sirianni has already reminded his team of such.