Eagles WR DeVonta Smith offers mature take on a disappointing first game

DeVonta Smith, Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports)
DeVonta Smith, Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports) /

“Smitty catches everything.” If you spent any time admiring DeVonta Smith‘s march to the Heisman Trophy in 2020, you were, no doubt, mesmerized by his brilliance. You also heard the previous statement often.

That was the most common response whenever any of his teammates at Alabama were asked about his ability. Truthfully, we’ve heard it so much that we’ve forgotten the first time it was said and who made the statement, but the fact remains. The man formerly known as the ‘Slim Reaper’ is one of the better draft investments the Philadelphia Eagles have made as of late.

No one will ever forget where they were when his first NFL reception went for six points or when we watched him set the franchise record for the most receiving yards in a single season by a rookie. Sure, this time around, the opening weekend brought some disappointment despite the win, but no one believes that DeVonta Smith won’t be a key component of the Eagles’ offense for years to come.

Smitty most certainly hasn’t lost any confidence or his swagger. He isn’t sweating over Week 1, and you shouldn’t either.

DeVonta Smith offers his theories about a zero-catch performance in the Eagles’ opening-week win.

Here’s a confession. Though most of us have mastered the art of ignoring social media trolls, we all have a tendency to read the comments on our posts from time to time. Hey, we’re human. You wouldn’t believe what people are saying this week though.

It’s never been said by anyone with an opinion that we care about. It’s never been a concern of anyone in Philadelphia’s locker room, but for whatever reason, there’s a small segment of the Eagles fan base that believes that, if they’re too many tough outings, DeVonta Smith is going to have a meltdown.

Seriously? This is where we are now?

Smitty addressed Week 1’s performance during a post-game conversation with The Philadelphia Inquirer‘s E.J. Smith. As expected, Number 6 offered a take that, as always, proves that he’s a young man that’s wise beyond his years and the quintessential teammate.

"That’s what we brought A.J. Brown here for, to do exactly what he did today. He’s a great leader…I’m looking forward to the rest of the season"

We’d like to apologize to those who, for whatever reason, are always angry and spend too much of your week expressing your frustrations on Twitter. We would, however, like to offer some clarity. Everyone isn’t angry. Many of us are enjoying life and the negative nature that often permeates on social media is representative of a trait that most of us (and our guy DeVonta) won’t ever share. Here’s more.

"That’s the flow of the game. You never know whose day it’s going to be. Today happened to be his. Next week, things may change… You never know. You just got to be ready."

Place a period at the end of that sentence. Everyone can move on now. A game on Monday Night Football versus the Minnesota Vikings is on the horizon. Something tells us that DeVonta Smith will be a key contributor in that one.

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