Overblown Eagles theories ahead of Week 2 home-opener versus Vikings

A.J. Brown #11, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images)
A.J. Brown #11, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images) /
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DeVonta Smith #6, Philadelphia Eagles
DeVonta Smith #6, Philadelphia Eagles, Jeff Okudah #1, Detroit Lions (Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images) /

What happened to DeVonta Smith? Where was he in Week 1?

Everyone, regardless of how long they’ve been watching the NFL, sees certain aspects of the game differently, but there are always those areas in which we all agree. No one was happy with last year’s tenth-overall selection, DeVonta Smith, walking off of the field with zero catches, and everyone has had an opinion about him being shut out in Week 1.

Ask Number 6, and he’ll probably tell you that there was a drop along the sideline that he’d like to have back. There was also a first-down grab he had that was negated because of a holding penalty. In the end, it wasn’t his day, but he’s going to be a big part of this offense for years.

Depending on the opponent, with so many weapons, different players will take center stage as the focal point of the Eagles’ offensive attack. DeVonta will get his opportunities. He’ll make big plays when he does.

There’s no reason to worry here. Big plays are coming. We haven’t lost any confidence in Number 6.

Haason Reddick was a wasted free-agent signing.

Really? This is where we are now? Complaints about his usage notwithstanding, Haason Reddick is six-foot-one and 240 pounds. He probably won’t be utilized as a pass rusher every time we see him even if that’s probably what many of us want.

Now, we have to be honest. Reddick has to be better and in better shape. He was gassed in the second quarter. He often looked frustrated and without energy, but that’s sometimes a side effect of getting no work during the preseason.

There’s no need to question his work ethic or worry about the potential that he’ll get into game shape. This guy didn’t rack 23.5 sacks over the 2020 and 2021 seasons by accident. As is the case with DeVonta, Reddick is going to be just fine.