Darius Slay’s performance in Week 2 Eagles win shouldn’t be shocking

Darius Slay #2, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Darius Slay #2, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised by Darius Slay‘s performance during the Philadelphia Eagles’ Week 2 victory on Monday night. Truthfully, this wasn’t a total shock to the system. After all, we knew that he was good. We just didn’t see a near-shutout of one of the game’s best receivers when we woke up on Monday morning.

Typically, whenever two of the best are matched up versus one another and go at it on the gridiron, there’s a bit of back and forth. That isn’t what we saw. Slay dominated whenever he was matched up versus Justin Jefferson.

Big Play had five pass breakups in total, including four when bracketing Number 18 in white. He allowed one catch by Jefferson, and he also hauled in two interceptions and a passer rating by Kirk Cousins of 0.0 whenever he targeted Jefferson with Slay in coverage.

For his efforts, he’s gotten a nice tip of the cap. This one definitely didn’t come as a shock. Take a look!

Darius Slay is named NFC defensive player of the week following a dominating performance on Monday Night Football.

Again, maybe we shouldn’t be shocked. It’s typically the physical receivers that have caused Number 2 more issue, D.K. Metcalf for instance. Monday night’s effort, though slightly shocking in its dominance, probably can be placed in the category of being ‘just another day at the office’ though.

It’s likely that no one went to FanDuel and took the under for Justin Jefferson’s reception total. If you did, you deserve a nice pat on the back though.

It isn’t like we haven’t seen this movie before. We knew Darius Slay was good. Heck, some of us can even state that he’s already earned our Pro Bowl vote, but this is one of those nights that we’ll talk about years from now. Darius Slay made Justin Jefferson look like Jalen Reagor, and for legions of Eagles fans in the Delaware Valley and all over the country, that alone gives us reason to smile.

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Week 3 a.k.a. Round 3 is on deck. Big Play and the Eagles have a tremendous test on their hands in the form of the rival Washington Commanders.