Eagles game balls following their Week 3 win versus the Commanders

A.J. Brown #11, DeVonta Smith #6, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images)
A.J. Brown #11, DeVonta Smith #6, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images) /
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The Philadelphia Eagles Week 3 performance makes it hard not to give a game ball to everyone.

Well, it’s hard to be critical of what you’re seeing from Jonathan Gannon now, isn’t it? In Week 2, when the Minnesota Vikings’ offense couldn’t get anything going and they began being predictable, the Philadelphia Eagles‘ defensive coordinator mixed in a few blitzes.

In Week 3, he confused Carson Wentz by disguising coverages as Philadelphia had its best game, rattling the Washington Commanders’ quarterback to the tune of nine sacks.

We’ve been tough on him when we needed to be, but we have to be fair. When he’s out there kicking the opposing offense’s tail, as has been the case for two weeks, that needs to be pointed out too.

Following Week 2’s win on Monday Night Football, it was hard not to give everyone a game ball. We handed out ten. We almost did so again after a 24-8 victory versus the Commanders.

There are some concerns after watching this one wrap. The Birds, for the second week in a row, left ‘money on the table’. Through three games, the offense has failed to produce points in the second half, and they have yet to score in the fourth quarter all season.

You already know what the next statement will be though. A win is a win, so we’ll celebrate this one anyway while knowing that there’s still work that has to be done. After all, it’s better to make corrections after a win than it is to do so following defeat. Here is some recognition for a few heroes, both obvious and unsung.