Philadelphia Eagles could benefit from a potential Panthers fire sale

Brian Burns #53, Carolina Panthers (Photo by Eakin Howard/Getty Images)
Brian Burns #53, Carolina Panthers (Photo by Eakin Howard/Getty Images) /
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Don’t think for a second that the Philadelphia Eagles aren’t watching the Panthers’ struggles.

Sometimes, we wonder why the other NFL general managers keep answering the phone when Howie Roseman calls them. Make no mistake about it, we’re glad that they do. We’re happy that the Philadelphia Eagles‘ vice president/general manager maintains a great working and professional relationship with his peers. That’s often helped Philly a lot, but gosh, it feels like he takes advantage of everybody sometimes.

If your significant other kept taking more than they gave in the relationship, eventually you’d end things and start dating again right? Howie keeps robbing the league’s other G.M.s blind, and they keep allowing him to do so.

As frustrating as it can be to love the Eagles sometimes, life can be a lot worse. You could be a lifelong Detroit Lions or Cleveland Browns fan and know things will never work out. You could live in Charlotte, North Carolina and cheer for the Carolina Panthers.

The NFL is famous for roster and coaching turnover. Great teams are raided for talent constantly. Bad teams in a rebuild pawn off the best players that they have in hopes to stockpile draft picks and utilizing some ‘addition by subtraction’. The Panthers are the latter.

A fire sale may or may not be approaching, but if it is, the Birds would be wise to attend Carolina’s yard sale. Here are three players that may tickle their fancy.