4 Cowboys myths that the Eagles will expose on Sunday Night Football

Dak Prescott (L), Cooper Rush (R), Dallas Cowboys (Mandatory Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports)
Dak Prescott (L), Cooper Rush (R), Dallas Cowboys (Mandatory Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports) /
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The Eagles meet Dallas in Week 6, and that’s no myth.

The NFL prides itself on parity and being a week-to-week league. Who would have thought that, following an embarrassing loss on opening weekend (and after Dak Prescott was lost because of an injury), just five weeks later, we’d be discussing the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys’ meeting on Sunday Night Football as a battle for first place in the division? You can’t make this stuff up.

Part of what makes football so great is the storylines that we discuss weekly, whether that be the subplots that surround a game, NFL Films’ ability to make moments and highlights look like a motion picture, or the rivalries that have existed before we were born (and will continue long after we’re gone).

Pro football is never short of a little drama either, and who’s provided more over the past few decades than Jerry Jones and his Dallas Cowboys? Even if we know how the story begins and ends, we can’t stop watching the show.

Every year, we’re told the Cowboys are a Super Bowl contender. Every year, the only people who don’t know that statement is a lie are the delusional members of their fan base. Every year, the dream ends the same way, with a devastating playoff loss or by missing the postseason entirely.

You know a Cowboys fan or two. Aren’t they the most football-illiterate fans that you know? Don’t look now, but the nonsense is spreading again. Here are four myths about the so-called America’s Team that the Eagles will silence on Sunday Night Football (for a week or so anyway).