4 Cowboys myths that the Eagles will expose on Sunday Night Football

Dak Prescott (L), Cooper Rush (R), Dallas Cowboys (Mandatory Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports)
Dak Prescott (L), Cooper Rush (R), Dallas Cowboys (Mandatory Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports) /
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The second myth: Micah Parsons is the second coming of Lawrence Taylor.

Seriously? This is where we are now? This is one of those theories that make one scratch the dome. NFL aficionados have literally gone as far as to call Micah Parsons the second coming of Lawrence Taylor.

At first, it seemed like the only people who were saying this were football aficionados that had only seen L.T. highlights on YouTube, youngsters who were too young to remember anything about seeing Lawrence Taylor play. Then, some of the people we respected started saying it, people who should know better.

We won’t call out any names. You know who you are, but you should be ashamed of yourselves.

In fairness, we’re willing to accept the explanation that you may have been caught in the moment. After all, football is an emotional game. People react to what they have just seen, and some of those voices that uttered this nonsense have backed off from making those statements again.

Don’t get us wrong. Micah Parsons’ talent is otherworldly. He can line up just about everywhere. He’s a force and will be for a long time. We’d take him on this Eagles team in a heartbeat if given the opportunity, but keep two things in mind.

One, guys were terrified to play Lawrence Taylor. Ron Jaworski once burned a timeout because he couldn’t locate him on the field, and L.T. was standing on the sideline.

Second, L.T. is also in the conversation with Reggie White for being one of the best defenders of all time. We’re a ways away from giving Parsons that distinction.

Again, Parsons is amazing, but let’s tap the breaks here. In all honesty, here’s something that we don’t think people say enough.

Rather than attempting to run away from Parsons (or run around him), someone needs to try running right at him. He’s six-foot-three and 245 pounds. We promise you he won’t want that smoke for four quarters on a week-in and week-out basis. Truthfully, we’re surprised that people don’t try that more.