Eagles prove age-old theory yet again with Andre Dillard’s elevation

Andre Dillard, Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports)
Andre Dillard, Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports) /

The entire band isn’t back together yet, but they are hanging out together again and playing a few chords. After opening a 21-day practice window for Andre Dillard on October 3rd, the Philadelphia Eagles are proving the accuracy of an age-old football law yet again, one that states you can never have too many good offensive linemen.

Philly’s coaches and medical staff used less than two full weeks to determine that Andre was ready to get back into the swing of things. Ahead of Week 6’s game on Sunday Night Football, they announced his activation back to the 53-man roster.

They also placed defensive end Janarius Robinson on the injured reserve and tackle Jarrid Williams on the practice squad injured reserve. Safety Andre Chachere has been elevated from the practice squad for Sunday’s game.

The Eagles have a nice luxury in the form of Andre Dillard.

Most teams will carry nine or ten linemen on their active unit and another two or three on the practice squad, but how about a tip of the cap to the Eagles organization and vice president/general manager for the way they’ve stacked this roster?

Look around the rest of the NFL, and you’ll become even more appreciative of what the Eagles are building. Many teams have shown tendencies that would make you think they’re thin along their offensive front. Look no further than the Los Angeles Rams or Chicago Bears if you feel you need evidence.

Philly doesn’t have that problem. Their starting left tackle, Jordan Mailata, can anchor both sides of the O-line. The same is true for Jack Driscoll, one of their reserves. In Dillard, the Eagles don’t necessarily have their most versatile piece, but they do have someone that they can rely on in case of an emergency.

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Think about it. How many NFL offenses can replace their starting left tackle, one of the best young players at his position, with a former first-round draft choice? Again, you can never have too many good offensive linemen at your disposal. Just ask the teams that can’t say that.

It’s a nice luxury to have. No official word has been given yet, but don’t be shocked if Andre Dillard is in the starting lineup for Philly’s first game versus the Dallas Cowboys.