Jalen Hurts Week 6 report card: Eagles silence Cowboys hype machine

Jalen Hurts #1, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Jalen Hurts #1, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

Week 6 has come and gone. The Philadelphia Eagles have conquered the Dallas Cowboys while silencing their ever-present hype machine. So far, we have yet to hear from DeMarcus Lawrence. He made a few snide remarks about Jalen Hurts and the credibility of Philly’s hot start during the days that led up to the clash on Sunday Night Football.

Actually, that may not be true. We haven’t taken the time to research whether Lawrence made any post-game statements or not. Truly we don’t care. The Birds are 6-0, and that’s all that matters. Dallas has to wait until Christmas Eve to be the topic of discussion again.

Next on the Eagles’ schedule is a bye week. Once that’s behind us, they’ll begin preparing for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Let’s take one last look at Jalen Hurts’ performance before we put this one behind us.

Jalen Hurts best and worst throws (and final grades for Week 6)

Worst throw

After converting a 1st down on the Eagles’ first drive to move the chains, the next few plays of Philly’s first offensive series were tough to watch. Jalen Hurts took a sack on 1st down. He hit A.J. Brown on second, and on third, he overshot A.J. on third and eight. It was an easy toss for a QB of Jalen’s caliber.

It could have been some early nerves. Maybe he was still feeling the effects of the takedown. Who knows? Thankfully, the miss wasn’t a harbinger of things to come. QB1 settled in and led the Eagles offense efficiently the rest of the way.

Best throw

Based on the way the momentum shifted in the second half and the manner in which Dallas rattled off 17 consecutive points to close the gap to a three-point margin with ease (after they spotted Philly 20 points of their own), the Eagles’ final scoring drive to extend the lead to nine points may have been more impressive than the go-ahead scoring drive they manufactured versus the Arizona Cardinals in Week 5.

Philadelphia tacked on six points to put the game out of reach. Jalen Hurts ran the run-pass option to perfection as he faked the handoff to Miles Sanders, rolled a few steps to his right and delivered one across his body to a wide-open DeVonta Smith.

Just appreciate the beauty.

Jalen Hurts closed Week 6’s game with a 60% completion percentage. 15 of his 25 passes found their target. 155 yards through the air and two touchdowns were the results of that effort. He picked up 27 more yards on nine rushing attempts. Here are your final grades.

  • Accuracy: A-
  • Vision: A
  • Intangibles: A+
  • Decision making: A
  • Leadership: A+
  • Overall: A

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