Reasons Eagles versus Giants is officially must-see television

Daniel Jones #8, Saquon Barkley #26, New York Giants (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
Daniel Jones #8, Saquon Barkley #26, New York Giants (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images) /
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The Eagles are off this week, and we can’t stop looking ahead to December and the Giants.

Welcome to what might be the saddest week of every NFL season, one where there’s no Philadelphia Eagles game to look forward to. The Birds are on their bye week, and we’re all forced to look around the NFL and find other ways to feed our addiction to this great game of football. Perhaps now, we can even take a peek at what the New York Giants are doing.

Yes, let’s do that. Perhaps, we’ve undervalued them to some degree. Big Blue got off to a 1-0 start. No one cared.

Think back to how you felt about the Giants after the opening weekend. We dismissed them by saying the Tennessee Titans might not be as good as we thought they’d be. That proved to be true, but even though New York won again and improved to 2-0, we scoffed because they were only able to beat the lowly Carolina Panthers by three points.

Week 3 seemed to give us the evidence we sought. How does one explain losing to the Dallas Cowboys and a backup quarterback at home? Now, they’d transform into the struggling Giants again. Nope! They won again, this time over the Chicago Bears. We refused to acknowledge them as again, the opponent was unimpressive.

That’s when it happened. In consecutive weeks the G-Men have toppled the Green Bay Packers and the Baltimore Ravens. Now, they have our attention.

Suddenly, despite having wins in their back pocket over the Washington Commanders and Dallas Cowboys, there’s another threat looming in the NFC East. It’s the only team that some Eagles fans still despise more than Dallas. Don’t look now, but those Eagles games in Week 14 and Week 18 versus New York are officially must-see television.