Here’s how Eagles QB Jalen Hurts spent a recent day off

Jalen Hurts #1, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)
Jalen Hurts #1, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images) /

They say there are no days off in the NFL. That statement takes on new meaning when you think about how much of our lives is dedicated to what the Philadelphia Eagles are doing. As soon as the season wraps, we’re talking about offseason topics and the draft until another campaign rolls around. Then, we’re back to discussing Jalen Hurts‘ brilliance and all things related to the midnight green. That is until we arrive at the worst part of each regular-season journey – the bye week.

It’s sad that we don’t have a game to watch. Then again, these guys need days off too, right? Have you ever thought about what they might be doing to pass the time?

Thankfully, our friends over at Whistle have helped us answer the question. Recently, they hung out with QB1, and we’re fortunate that someone remembered to pack a camera.

Jalen Hurts hangs out with Whistle to discuss the great outdoors.

Who knew? Jalen Hurts likes to hike! We didn’t see that coming from one of Houston’s favorite sons. Whistle invites all of us along to hang out. We get a glimpse of our favorite signal-caller’s opinions on the great outdoors. We also get a few ideas on how he’s preparing for the cold weather. Give this one a look.

Good for him. Honestly, it’s cool to see him enjoying himself a little. We’re talking about what might be the most laser-focused 24-year-old the world has ever seen.

For a second, we thought we were about to watch him hanging out in a quarterbacks meeting. It’s that keen dedication to detail and his respect for the game that connects him to the city he plays in and to Eagles fans everywhere that have loved this team for years.

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To put things simply and make long stories shorter, Jalen Hurts is one of us. He feels like part of the family. Another trip to the postseason almost feels like a guarantee. Let’s just hope he wears that coat to the press conference.