Carson Wentz will miss Eagles versus Commanders game in Week 10

Carson Wentz, Washington Commanders (Mandatory Credit: Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports)
Carson Wentz, Washington Commanders (Mandatory Credit: Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports) /

Those jeers (or cheers) that you’ve been saving for Carson Wentz‘s return to Lincoln Financial Field will have to wait. He’s had surgery on that fractured finger. The Washington Commanders placed him on the team’s IR (injured reserve) on Saturday, meaning he’ll miss at least the next four weeks. That includes Week 10’s game versus the Philadelphia Eagles.

The earliest he’d be able to return would be one week later when the Commanders meet the Houston Texans. Taylor Heinicke is expected to start in his absence.

Carson Wentz never led the Eagles to a playoff win. He may never play them at The Linc either.

Carson Wentz’s ride as a professional quarterback has been unique, to say the least. We won’t revisit any of that here. Birds fans are well aware of what’s happened on every step of the journey.

Still, while most Eagles fans no longer harbor any resentment for their former franchise signal-caller (at least we hope not), Week 10’s game was one that we all were looking forward to… for obvious reasons.

The atmosphere at The Linc can be hard to predict at times. We’ve seen the home crowd boo the FLOTUS. Nope, being a Birds fan didn’t save her. We’ve seen Jalen Reagor’s return produce a venomous response. We’ve also seen Doug Pederson welcomed back with love and open arms.

No one knows how Carson’s return would have gone. We can speculate, but seeing him and the Commanders lose to the Eagles at The Linc would have been a nice ending to his tale, the chapter dedicated to Philadelphia at least.

For whatever reason, this season has always felt like this was his last chance to prove he’s a starting quarterback at the NFL level. It’s hard to imagine he’ll be given another opportunity, so Week 10’s game felt like a curtain call of sorts.

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Carson Wentz will always be a part of the story that ended with the Philadelphia Eagles’ first Super Bowl win despite never leading the Eagles to a postseason victory. Now, it’s probably safe to assume he’ll never play the Birds at The Linc either.

Who would have thought in 2016 that we’d even have this conversation? It’s funny how life works out sometimes.