Potential Eagles targets at running back prior to NFL trade deadline

Howie Roseman, Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports)
Howie Roseman, Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Might the Eagles add one more game-breaker to the offensive backfield?

As the trade deadline approaches, there are multiple players league-wide that could benefit from a fresh start in a Philadelphia Eagles uniform. For a team seemingly at the beginning stages of a playoff push, one that hopefully leads to a second Vince Lombardi Trophy, a few things are obvious.

The defense is stacked. The offense is loaded despite tending to endure droughts in the second half, and one key addition, particularly at the tailback position, could push an already potent attack from formidable to supernova.

We saw Philly add Jay Ajayi late in 2017. Might history repeat itself? With Christian McCaffrey no longer an option, here are a few guys that could be nice consolation prizes (if the Eagles are willing to pay the price).

. . Kareem Hunt, Cleveland Browns. . player. 53.

Kareem Hunt requested a trade away from the Cleveland Browns in early August. It was declined at that time, but tey could field offers now.

So far this season, he has rushed 61 times for 259 yards, and he’s scored a pair of touchdowns. While his numbers are all slightly down, they aren’t alarming. The Browns may look to squeeze value out of him as the deadline approaches as their starting running back Nick Chubb currently leads the league in rushing yards and touchdowns.

Kareem Hunt’s contract will also expire after the 2022 season, but for now, his cap hit is only $6.25 million for the remainder of 2022. Howie Roseman could call his former Vice President of Football Operations and current Browns General Manager, Andrew Berry, and likely do some dealing. Might taking on his contract while parting with a 2023 seventh-rounder and a 2024 sixth-rounder work?

Kareem Hunt would be a perfect compliment to Miles Sanders and the two could create a power and speed duo that could replicate what Sanders had with Jordan Howard. That’s one option. Here are two more.