Roquan Smith literally tears up as Eagles add Robert Quinn via trade

Robert Quinn, Philadelphia Eagles Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Robert Quinn, Philadelphia Eagles Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

This isn’t the Philadelphia Eagles‘ problem. Heck, on this end of the NFL spectrum, we’re pretty pumped. It’s hard to understand what the Chicago Bears are doing though. They entered the most recent offseason with money to spend and a chance to really bolster their roster. They elected instead to blow up that roster, and it doesn’t appear that they’re done.

According to multiple sources, including ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Bears have traded Robert Quinn to Philadelphia. A fourth-round draft choice appears to have been the asking price. It appears that some of Quinn’s former teammates aren’t taking the news well. Roquan Smith literally broke down into tears.

Give this one a look.

If someone can get Roquan on the phone, how about telling him that he’s welcome to the nest as well? Figuring out the financial details isn’t our obligation. We’ll leave that to Howie Roseman who, unlike the Bears this past offseason, is playing some real-life version of Fantasy football.

Eagles G.M. Howie Roseman is seemingly winning the lottery every time he plays.

We’re beginning to run out of superlatives for this guy. Honestly, we feel as though we owe him an apology.

Howie Roseman must have heard our cries. He’s pretty tapped in. He won’t respond to them, but we won’t assume that he didn’t. Seemingly none of it phased him, and here we are.

At some point, we’ve all called for his job. He just keeps showing up to work to do that job better than any other general manager in the NFL.

With his latest coup, he fills another need for Philadelphia, adding another great pass rusher. Quinn hasn’t gotten off to a quick start in 2022, but a year ago, he earned a Pro Bowl nod after registering 18.5 sacks. That’s his third Pro Bowl nod too if any of you are keeping tabs.

The best part about this is Howie got the deal done without losing valuable resources. The Eagles didn’t ship off any players. They kept those high draft picks. NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo reports that sources tell him Chicago “will be picking up most of the remaining salary for Robert Quinn. So, this trade will cost the Eagles draft capital but not a lot of money”.

Seriously, why does the rest of the NFL still answer the phone whenever this giy calls? We’re starting to think he has dirt on people.

We’re teasing of course, sort of, but whatever he’s doing, we just hope he keeps on doing it. In all honesty, we’re speechless. The rich get richer in the NFC as the Eagles add one of the game’s stars to their defensive line.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are on the horizon. It’s much too early to think too far ahead, but on the other hand, the Eagles, even though they’re saying the right things, have a lot more on their minds than beating Pittsburgh in Week 8, so why are we pretending not to be excited?

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