Eagles legend Lane Johnson is thinking about life after football

Lane Johnson #65, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images)
Lane Johnson #65, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images) /

Nothing lasts forever. That’s a statement that we’ve all uttered, often once we’ve reached the end of something we’ll always remember and cherish and, at times, to help us cope with the sudden reality of moving on. It’s a phrase that takes on new meaning when we begin discussing our Philadelphia Eagles or just sports in general. We all know that guys like Lane Johnson and Jason Kelce will retire at some point, but come on. That doesn’t mean we want them to.

As an Eagles fan, some departures feel different. It was tough watching Randall Cunningham run around in a Dallas Cowboys jersey on Monday Night Football. It was even tougher watching Reggie White win a Super Bowl in a Green Bay Packers jersey. We aren’t even going to bring up Brian Dawkins.

Lane Johnson and Jason Kelce aren’t going to play much longer, even if it feels like they could play forever if they wanted to. It appears that Lane is beginning to think about mortality though. One of the great gladiators in franchise history is thinking about his end game.

The 2024 Eagles season may be Lane Johnson’s last run… maybe.

Here’s a nice read if you missed it. The Philadelphia Inquirer‘s Josh Tolentino recently shared a story about Lane’s recent visits to depression treatment clinics to share hope with those who suffer. One of his more recent visits occurred in New Jersey. Thank both him and Tolentino for providing the quote.

Lane was both open and candid, using his story as motivation. In the process, he shared a few theories on what the future may hold in terms of what’s been a respectable football life and in turn how much longer he might play.

"To be honest with you, I’ve thought about playing this year and maybe two more. A lot of that is because of my kids. I don’t want to be away from my kids more than I already am. They’re in Oklahoma, I only see them half the year. That’s all the time I get to spend with them. That’s a drag."

A father of three, Lane reminds us of something yet again. We spend so much time talking about player props, Madden ratings, and Fantasy football points, that we sometimes forget that football is a real game that’s played by real people.

We’re grateful for everything Lane Johnson has given the Philadelphia Eagles. To no one’s surprise, the future Hall of Famer (yeah, we said it) is just as grateful for what the game has given him. Perhaps he said it best.

"I’m at a point now where I’m just grateful. A lot of athletes can’t really enjoy their career until it’s all done because when you’re in it, you’re busy. You’re practicing. You’re worried about who you’re playing next. It doesn’t really sink in until the offseason or until you step away from the game. Everything goes fast."

Sure, selfishly we sometimes wish that Lane will keep on playing, but perhaps we can find balance and understand that he has his own life to live and loved ones of his own to take care of. With that being said, we just appreciate his efforts and the time that he has given us. After all, nothing lasts forever, except maybe a bust bearing his likeness in Canton, Ohio.

We’re serious about that Hall of Fame mention. You’ve watched this guy play for ten seasons now. We dare you to tell us that there’s a better right tackle, both on the field and off.

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