Best quotes from Nick Sirianni’s Eagles versus Commanders presser

Nick Sirianni, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images)
Nick Sirianni, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images) /

Once the Philadelphia Eagles finally take the field to take on their age-old rivals, the Washington Commanders, 11 days will have elapsed since the last time we saw them play a football game. They should be well prepared and rested. With the extra time to prepare, and with the next game being in primetime on Monday Night Football, everything gets pushed back a day or so. One of the examples of that concept is our knowledge that Nick Sirianni’s usual Wednesday afternoon presser would fall on Thursday. That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t come with the usual sound bite or two.

Coach showed up for work wearing a “Sirianni – Hurts 22” sweatshirt (it appears that Jalen Hurts is a part of two political campaigns), and for a little under 13 minutes, everything was discussed from Jalen to the Commanders’ QB1 of the moment, Taylor Heinecke. There was even some discussion about which of Nick Sirianni’s assistant coaches has the best arm. There’s something about being 8-0 that makes these discussions and the overall mood lighter.

The first question, however, was about the Indianapolis Colts. As you know, Coach, once upon a time, was an offensive coordinator there. When asked about the firing of one of his mentors, Frank Reich, and the possibility of bringing him to Philadelphia at some point down the road, Nick has the following to say.

"So, obviously, I’m only concerned about what’s going on here. In trying to keep my eyes on just what the situation is here, and that’s being ready for Washington, but you know what I think about Frank (Reich) and how much I respect Frank the person – how much I respect him as a football coach, you can probably imagine how I feel."

Fair enough Coach! With that, we move along to matters that are closer to home.

Nick Sirianni shares a few thoughts related to Eagles versus Commanders.

We’ve believed for most of the 2022 NFL offseason that Week 10’s Monday Night Football game would be a quarterback duel featuring the Eagles’ current franchise signal-caller and the man that preceded him, Carson Wentz. Instead, we get Jalen versus Taylor Heinecke. That’s okay. That won’t stop any of us from parking in front of a television.

As you might expect and as is always the case, QB1’a name entered the discussion. Have you noticed? He didn’t scramble that often during the most recent game. The game seems to be slowing down. Jalen is delivering the ball more accurately and utilizing all of his weapons.

His head coach can’t stop raving about the job that he’s doing. Who can blame him?

Here are a few of the other highlights, beginning with facing Taylor Heinecke.

Taylor Heinecke is arguably as gifted an athlete as Carson Wentz is, if not better. One area where he has passed Carson has been in the area of earning the full support of his teammates.

As mentioned earlier, Heinecke gets the nod in Week 10. He gave the Eagles all that they could handle in 2021. Coach Sirianni isn’t looking past him. He’s also making sure he’s aware of any last-minute adjustments.

Keep in mind the fact that Jahan Dotson hasn’t played since Week 4, and we aren’t certain of the statuses of both Cole Holcomb and David Mayo.

"There’s some things that we (have to be) alert for with him, and that’s going to be different if there’s a different play-caller, if there’s a different quarterback… If their top receiver is out. Whatever it is, there’s going to be some differences there. I like the fact that we’ve got some games on (Heinecke). It didn’t just happen last week (the switch from Carson to Taylor). We can study our game film against him last year… I have a lot of respect for him as a player. He’s a scrappy player that finds ways to get it done, so we’re going to have to be on our game, any division game, and when you’re playing a quarterback like this, that’s scrappy and finds ways to get it done, you’re going to have to be on it."

On the subject of the long layoff and possible rust or complacency early, Coach was equally as candid.

"Coming off of the bye week, there’s definitely something you do a little bit different… This one (the 11-day layoff), maybe not quite as much… What we need to do though is really be able to come out here and compete in practice and make it as gamelike as we possibly can without tackling to the ground. But, we’ll be doing all of our fundamentals with the tackling (and) fundamentals with taking the ball away and then really popping within the pads today out there and simulate as much as we can."

As always the message is about going 1-0 each week. The Birds will be ready. After all, teams take on the characteristics of their head coach right?

We’ll leave you with this:

"Sometimes, I think you get what you preach. That might not be every single time, but I think, if that’s on your mind at all times and I’m constantly talking to you about, (for instance), why Reuben Frank is the best writer in the building, at some point you’re (going to believe) that Roob is the best writer in the building. At some point, you say ‘yeah, he’s said it to me a million times’… Sometimes, I think you get what you emphasize."

It won’t be long now. The game airs at 8:15 pm EST on ESPN and ESPN 2. The Philadelphia Eagles are looking for a season sweep of Washington which will push them to 2-0 on the season.

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