7 Philadelphia Eagles who need to be offered extensions relatively soon

T.J. Edwards #57, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
T.J. Edwards #57, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /
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Miles Sanders, Philadelphia Eagles
Miles Sanders, Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports) /

. . . Miles Sanders, running back. 26. player. 54

Miles Sanders has proven himself worthy of an extension, but will it come from the Eagles?

We’ll be totally honest here. When the preseason began and we kept seeing all of those reports about Miles Sanders sitting on the sideline in an attempt to rest and let his body heal, we weren’t bubbling over with total confidence. If you’ll remember, one of the knocks we had always heard about him was he struggled to stay healthy.

Fast forward, and we’re all in the ‘so far, so good’ camp. Sanders hasn’t just proven the doubters wrong that questioned his durability (knock on wood). He has also shown improvement in his decision-making and pass protection.

Following 13 games of the current Philadelphia Eagles campaign, the man affectionately referred to as ‘Boobie’ has already posted career highs in carries (204), yards gained on the ground (1,068), rushing touchdowns (11), and rushing yards per game (82.2). This is the first season in which he has exceeded 1,000 yards rushing and a double-digit touchdown total.

In terms of what we labeled as his biggest areas of opportunity, MIles has passed his tests with flying colors. He’s proven a lot to all of us. He’s proven himself to teammates and coaches. Heck, he’s probably learned a lot about himself.

Philly often decides against investing heavily into tailbacks when their number comes up, so even though most would agree that Number 26 has proven his mettle and he’s worthy of an extension, there are still questions about whether that extension will come from the Eagles or another franchise in another city.

If he can be talked into a team-friendly deal, we’d love to see him stay. He’s RB1 on the Philadelphia Eagles depth chart for a reason.