Former Eagles head coach Doug Pederson offers early Christmas present

Doug Pederson, Jacksonville Jaguars (Mandatory Credit: Jeremy Reper-USA TODAY Sports)
Doug Pederson, Jacksonville Jaguars (Mandatory Credit: Jeremy Reper-USA TODAY Sports) /

Maybe when Micah Parsons or any other member of the Dallas Cowboys finds his way onto some midweek podcast, they’ll be slightly more focused. They’re in luck though. If they choose to get a little loose with whatever they want to say about the Philadelphia Eagles, at least this week, they’ll be on topic.

We won’t revisit what he said or how we felt about his statement. We did enough of that last week, but you have to admit that, based on the way that things went for Dallas versus a game Jacksonville Jaguars squad in Week 15, we’re all smiling inwardly and outwardly.

Former Eagles head coach Doug Pederson gives Philly some Christmas cheer.

Talk about an early Christmas present huh? Dallas walked into the most famous county in our great country, Duuuuvaaaal, and walked out as the losers of a tough 40-34 loss to Trevor Lawrence, Doug Pederson, and the mighty Jacksonville Jaguars.

What’s that? You missed the end of that one? Don’t worry! We have you covered!

Thanks Dougie P! We appreciate you!

With the loss, the overhyped and overrated Dallas Cowboys fall to 10-4 on the season, this after barely eeking out a victory at home versus the Houston Texans a week ago. Hey, you won’t hear any complaints from us.

With the loss, Dallas sits three games behind the Philadelphia Eagles in the standings, giving Philly a better chance of winning the NFC East’s crown. Three games remain on the season. The Birds also own a tie-breaker thanks to their Week 6 head-to-head win over the so-called America’s Team. Their second meeting is scheduled for Christmas Eve. It might turn out to be a beautiful holiday if the Birds win that one.

Many of the members of the Cowboys media and Dallas’ fan base dismissed their team’s lackluster performance versus Houston. The rest of us saw it and identified a few red flags. It will be interesting to see how Cowboys Nation explains this one.

Cowboys Week is upon us. Let the trash talk begin. We can’t wait to see what Steven A. Smith does on Monday morning. We’ll be up early to watch First Take on ESPN.

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