Eagles vs Dallas: Dak Prescott, 11 other Cowboys hoping to ruin Christmas

Dak Prescott #4, Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Courtney Culbreath/Getty Images)
Dak Prescott #4, Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Courtney Culbreath/Getty Images) /
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The Eagles are a better team than Dallas, but make no mistake about it. Beating the Cowboys on Christmas Eve won’t be easy.

Every week, we’ve been advised by the Philadelphia Eagles that it’s dangerous to overlook opponents and it’s wise to avoid getting too high after wins or too low after losses. The best game plan in any NFL locker room was, and will always be the one-game-at-a-time approach. It’s a theory that the Birds have mastered. Still, even with all of that being said, some games are different. It’s Dallas Cowboys week, and there isn’t an Eagles fan walking Planet Earth that isn’t aware of that little nugget.

The Birds and Boys enter Week 16 seemingly headed in opposite directions. At 13-1, Philly is soaring. Dallas is reeling to some degree.

Oh, they’ll make the playoffs, but we’re witnessing some chinks in that, while, blue and grey armor. After needing every ounce of effort to beat the Houston Texans in Week 14, Dallas gave a better all-around effort one week later, but they lost anyway.

That has helped set up a Week 16 clash between these age-old rivals. This time Dallas starts Dak Prescott. He’s 6-3 in nine starts this season. We expect the Birds to win in Arlington on Christmas Eve, but he and his teammates want to ruin our party. Here are 11 other Cowboys to watch on Saturday.