Eagles star Haason Reddick deserves Defensive MVP over Micah Parsons

Haason Reddick, Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports)
Haason Reddick, Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Haason Reddick #7, Philadelphia Eagles
Haason Reddick #7, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

Recency bias often matters in the NFL, and Haason Reddick has been on a tear as of late.

We watch the NFL because of the unpredictable nature of team sports, but some things are obvious. Before any of pro football’s 32 teams took a snap, we all knew the race to the NFC East’s crown was one that featured two teams, Philly and Dallas. Lo and behold, we were right.

By the looks of things, as many of us predicted, the division is Philly’s to win. In Week 16, they meet Dallas in a game that figures to be one of the most-watched in quite some time.

As for the star linebackers on both sides, Micah Parson’s supposed stranglehold on that Defensive MVP trophy has loosened. He’s struggled as of late, tallying just three sacks in the past four weeks (and no sacks in Week 13 and Week 14). Haason Reddick, on the other hand, has caught fire. He has racked up 4.5 sacks during the same four-week stretch.

The Birds have eight Pro Bowlers on the roster. One of which is Parsons, and that places him on a watchlist for postseason honors.

Call us prisoners of the moment. Accuse us of having short memories. Do whatever, but recency bias often matters in the NFL. People are often moved by newer occurrences, and if Reddick outplays Parsons in Week 16, which we truly believe will happen, he could catapult himself even further beyond the Dallas star on a list of stars that have a legitimate shot at winning Defensive Player of the Year.