Terrell Owens hints at possible return to Eagles rival

Terrell Owens (Photo by Casey Sykes/Fan Controlled Football/Getty Images)
Terrell Owens (Photo by Casey Sykes/Fan Controlled Football/Getty Images) /

He wasn’t here long. His final game in a Philadelphia Eagles jersey was played one day before Halloween back in 2005. He played in 22 games with 22 starts as a member of the franchise if you include his heroic showing during Super Bowl XXXIX. Still, even with that being said, Terrell Owens ranks as one of the better wide receivers to don the midnight green. He’s also remembered as being a villain of sorts.

Following his release on March 14th of 2006, T.O. left the nest and flew south. He landed with, of all teams, the Dallas Cowboys.

Owens’ stint in Texas was slightly longer, 49 games with 48 starts (that includes two playoff games). He ended his career with brief stays with both the Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals. In his third year of eligibility, he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame (2018). Here we are on December 28th of 2022, and it appears that he still doesn’t believe that he has had enough.

Terrell Owens hints at a return to one of the Eagles’ fiercest rivals, the Dallas Cowboys.

You don’t need to do the math. We’ve done it for you. Terrell Owens was born on December 7th of 1973. That means he just celebrated his 49th birthday a little over three weeks ago. Perhaps he has found a fountain youth. Maybe the competitive fire just won’t die because, according to SI’s Aaron Wilson, T.O. has been in contact with Jerry Jones and is eyeing a comeback.

Originally, we thought we were discussing a possible role with the organization or Owens’ desire to coach, but no… T.O. wants a tryout, and he wants to play again. His agent, Gregory D.L Daniel, Esq., has indeed confirmed that he has been in contact with the Cowboys and other NFL teams.

Now, we would never tell any man what he can and can’t do, but with all due respect, this has to be seen as being impossible right? Then again, this is the Dallas Cowboys and Jerry Jones that we’re discussing. Why would we rule this out?

At times, being a showman is more important than winning football games. At times, Jerry forgets that he’s running a football team, not a circus. If he signed a 49-year-old Terrell Owens, no one should be shocked even if it seems as though common sense would suggest you shouldn’t.

All that has been said to say this. Catching passes for the Allen Wranglers is one thing. Running routes in the NFL is another. Yes, he’s a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Yes, he’s a Five-Time First-team All-Pro and a six-time Pro Bowler, but he’s also 49 years old.

A comeback would ensure that he’d be the oldest NFL player to make one, but again, we’re discussing the Cowboys and Jerry Jones. Should we even be shocked that this is a story?

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